Man smashes car with boomerangs in wild road rage attack

A passenger has captured the bizarre moment a shirtless man used boomerangs to beat on the side of a car in Victoria before smashing in the glass window with the palm of his hand.

The terrifying ordeal near Geelong was caught on camera as the attacker stood by the vehicle, which appeared to be stopped by the side of the road, while hurling abuse at those inside the car.

The confronting footage begins with him slamming the wing mirror back and forth and hitting it with his forehead, before he uses a boomerang to strike the driver’s side door, snapping the weapon in half.

“You broke my f***ing boomerang,” he screams before walking to the back of the vehicle while the driver can be heard saying to the passenger, “you catching this?”

A man holding a boomerang outside a car (left), a hand smashing through the glass window (middle), and a man grabbing a driver by the shirt (right)
A man has been captured on camera using a boomerang to smash in a car in Victoria. Source: reddit

When he returns he has another boomerang in his hand, which he uses to finish off the wing mirror, smashing it until it’s destroyed.

Holding the broken end of the first boomerang, the raving man bangs on the window, before using his fist and then his bare palm to smash the glass, which shatters across the front seats.

“What have you done that for?” the driver asks.

Yelling incoherently, the crazed man reaches through the smashed window to grab the driver by his shirt.

“You got the vaccine,” he screams. “You f***ing both got the f***ing vaccine and it’s lost a life.”

“Leave me alone,” the victim shouts back before the attacker walks to another vehicle, parked a few metres away.

After initially being posted on reddit, the footage went viral across social media on Friday with many left shocked by the horrifying attack which is believed to have occurred in April.

“Disgraceful behaviour,” one user said. “I can’t believe how calm they were in the car while it was happening.”

“Get him off the streets,” another wrote. “He is a threat and menace to the country.”

“Wow what a loser and a coward,” someone else added. “He is picking on an old man.”

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