Cyclist caught in 'horrifying' road rage incident on Easter Sunday

A female passenger recorded the violent act, which sent shards of glass through the air.

An enraged cyclist has been caught on camera shattering the front windscreen of a Sydney bus on Easter Sunday.

A stunned female passenger recorded the shocking road rage incident, during which a man can be seen forcefully throwing a rope-like object at the window multiple times. "Oh my god," she is heard saying as shards of glass fly through the air.

A photo of the shattered bus screen. A photo of the man walking away with his bike and backpack.
Afterwards the man walked off with his bike. Source: TikTok/Natalia.avstralia

As the cyclist picks up his bike and backpack, shouting something inaudible before walking away, the bus driver wonders if any passengers captured the encounter on camera. "Did you all get that?" he asks.

The female passenger described the incident as "horrifying" in her TikTok caption, but said she was glad her footage "helped police".

It is unclear what prompted the sudden and violent outburst.

Viewers react to Easter Sunday road rage

The viral video has seen been viewed more than 813,000 times, with many shaking their heads at what occurred. "Honestly people are going mad," one person commented. "He's going to have a large bill to pay," another said.

"Most relaxed man in NSW," a third sarcastically commented.

Many also pondered what the events were that led to the cyclist's aggressive response. "Driver could have almost hit him or didn't give him the legal space required," someone theorised. "Doesn't make it acceptable."

A photo of the cyclist launching the rope-like object at the window of the Sydney bus. A close up photo of the damage done to the windscreen.
A cyclist has been recorded breaking the front window of a bus in Sydney as passengers watch on in horror. Source: TikTok/Natalia.avstralia

According to research by Compare The Market in 2023, NSW road rage incidents are below the national average at 57.3 per cent, while Queensland sits at the top at 67.7 per cent, followed by Victoria at 66 per cent and Western Australia at 64.8 per cent.

Aggression by cyclists has also enormously declined in NSW, going from 36 per cent in 2020 to 12 per cent in 2021. Yahoo News Australia has contacted NSW Police for comment.

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