Two women caught in ugly road-rage fight on busy Melbourne road

One woman was believed to be the driver of a car and the other a pedestrian.

Two women have been filmed in a "feral" fight that stopped traffic at a busy intersection during peak hour in Melbourne on Monday.

Video footage recorded by a witness just after 6pm shows the women throwing punches on Brighton Road, Elwood, on a median strip next to a car with the driver's door open. Behind it is another car unable to drive past due to the obstruction.

Two video stills of two women fighting on a busy road in Elwood, Melbourne over an alleged road rage incident.
Two women were caught fighting on a busy road in Elwood, Melbourne over an alleged road-rage incident. Source: 9 News

In the 30-second video obtained by 9 News, the women show no signs of stopping the physical altercation, with one even starting to violently pull the other's hair before bystanders rush in to break up the fight.

A witness told the publication one of the women is believed to be a driver and another a pedestrian, though it is unclear what the incident was about.

'Just another day on Melbourne roads'

The "deplorable behaviour" by the women, labelled by one social media user as "the Karens of Brighton," had people shaking their heads.

"Should be ashamed of yourselves! Setting such a disgusting example to anyone seeing this behaviour," one person commented on Facebook.

"Uncivilised, people that clearly don’t have control of their emotions," another remarked.

Though others couldn't help seeing the humour in the situation.

"This is so feral it’s hilarious," one person said.

"Wow Brighton folk have boxing skills. Far out!" another said.

Victoria Police are not investigating the incident given that no report was made, 9 News reported.

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