Aussie taxi driver punched to the ground in vicious road-rage attack

Shocking video shows the violent road-rage incident taking place in broad daylight on a Perth highway.

Shocking footage has shown a taxi driver being attacked by an angry motorist on a busy intersection in Perth.

In the video recorded by a passenger from another car, the taxi driver is believed to be dragged out of his car and violently pulled to the ground by the unknown man wearing a high-vis shirt. He is then punched twice by the man on either side of his head.

According to WA Incident Alerts, the assault happened at around 2.30pm on the intersection of Tonkin Highway and Mills Road East at Martin.

A photo of the man punching the taxi driver on the busy intersection of Tonkin Highway and Mills Road East on Wednesday afternoon. Another photo of the taxi driver recovering on the ground.
Shocking footage shows a taxi driver being punched by another driver on a busy Perth highway. Source: 9 News via WA Incident Alerts

After the attack, the man walks back to his white Toyota ute and drives off, leaving the taxi driver face down and recovering from the assault on the ground. He then slowly gets back up and dusts himself off.

A woman is also seen pulling over in her car and coming to the taxi driver's aid.

The whole incident left onlookers stunned, with witness Denise Prior, telling 9 News that it was "pretty scary" to watch.

"You don’t expect to see this on Tonkin highway," she continued.

Ms Prior's daughter, Ashlea, who was also watching on, was also horrified.

"He was just hitting the taxi driver...I saw the taxi driver laying on the floor. Something must have happened because he looked like he was angry," she said to the publication.

Taxi driver has not reported the incident

It is unclear what caused the attack, however Western Australia Police have told Yahoo News Australia if a formal complaint is lodged, the circumstances will be investigated.

"At this stage the victim has not made a formal complainant to police – local police have spoken to the complainant," a spokeswoman said. "We will advise of any further updates and if it does become an investigation."

According to the taxi driver's wife, who wanted to stay anonymous, her husband is feeling okay after the incident but it is not clear what injuries he has suffered, 9 News reports.

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