‘Move immediately’: Woman’s creepy find in storage cupboard

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A woman has made a "scary" discovery after pulling up the floor in a storage cupboard. 

TikTok user @Abi_mia14 posted a video showing where she had ripped up a floor in the storage room under the staircase in her home. 

Underneath the floor she found a secret set of stairs that led down to a creepy cellar underneath the house. 

"I can't believe what we have just found in our storage cupboard," a caption on the video said.

The camera pans through the cupboard showing the hidden staircase covered in debris. 

Screenshot from TikTok shows opened floor of storage cupboard.
The woman filmed as she entered the space below her home's storage cupboard. Source: TikTok/abi_mia14

The woman then continues to film as she hesitantly walks into the dark concrete cellar.

"Someone has 100 per cent been down here," a caption on the video said.

A poster can then be seen on the wall while scraps of brick and plaster litter the floor. 

People on TikTok were equally creeped out, expressing their horror in comments to the video. 

"I would nail the door shut and never think about it again.... or move," one person wrote.

"Have you not learned anything from horror movies? Do not go down there," another wrote. 

"You've opened something that shouldn't have been opened. Your house will start acting out with ghost/haunted vibes now," a third said. 

Basements 'common in older homes'

Others said the basement might be more innocent than it appears, arguing the basement was a normal feature in older homes. 

"They were used as cold stores for meat etc, some for coal and in huge houses' servants quarters," one said.

"That's common in UK houses, whoever your landlord or previous owner was covered it," another said. 

Screenshot from TikTok shows old poster with Teddy written on it.
This scratched poster was among the discarded items in the hidden space. Source: TikTok/abi_mia14

Many encouraged the woman to get to work on transforming the area into a usable space like a games room or another bedroom. 

"Fix it up. Make it into a cool game chilling room," one person wrote. 

"That will look nice when it has lights installed, and it's plastered and decorated," someone else said. 

Another TikTok user recently made a startling discovery behind a random door in her 148-year-old home.

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