Woman spots 'unpleasant' addition in Coles salad mix

An upset Coles customer has taken to Facebook to warn others after finding an “unpleasant surprise” in her washed and ready to eat Coles 4 Leaf Salad mix.

“Word to the wise avoid these products and wash and clean your salad veggies yourself,” she wrote on Tuesday along with an image of what appeared to be a dead moth mixed in with lettuce leaves.

The Victorian woman tagged Coles in the social media post and said: “This was my unpleasant surprise a lesson learned the hard way”.

Customer finds insect inside of pre washed coles salad mix
A Coles customer had warned others after his 'unpleasant surprise' inside a salad mix. Source: Facebook

One person responded that this was an example of why they always washed their salad ingredients regardless of what was on the label.

“I always wash it anyway because I don't know what they have washed it with,” they said.

While another person suggested it was a good sign that the ingredients were grown pesticide free.

“Shows that it has actually grown naturally!”

A Coles customer complained on Facebook after finding a moth in his pre mixed salad bag.
'This was my unpleasant surprise a lesson learned the hard way,'the Coles customer wrote. Source: Facebook

Coles apologises for gruesome find

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia their salad leaves are thoroughly washed before packaging and they are following up with their supplier to investigate how the moth made it through the procedure.

“Our salad leaves are hand sorted and wind sifted for stones, insects and other large contaminants. Leaves are then washed in three separate steps removing, soil and smaller contaminants then blow-dried before further visual checks.

“On this occasion it looks as though the moth has made it through all these steps.

We expect our products to be of a high quality at all times, so we apologise this wasn't the case for this customer. We will follow up with our supplier to investigate the matter”.

Coles also offered a full refund to the unhappy customer.

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