Woman finds mysterious 'nugget' inside fudge that 'turned blue'

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A woman has shared shocking images of a mysterious substance found in a box of fudge, which Environmental Health later confirmed was mouse faeces and poison.

Kayley Tee, from Portsmouth, claims to have purchased two boxes of clotted cream fudge from UK retail store Poundland in Cosham on March 1.

Although the packaging of one box was split, Kayley, 30, and her parents proceeded to eat some of the fudge before allegedly finding a “black nugget” at the bottom.

Kayley thought it resembled animal faeces and in her alarm emptied the remaining contents from the other box into the sink to wash away, noticing it turned blue.

Pictured left is the fudge with the mysterious 'nugget' embedded in the fudge bought from UK retailer Poundland and on the right is Kayley Tee.
Kayley Tee (right), 30, says she found a mysterious 'nugget' inside her fudge (left) bought from Poundland. Source: Jam Press/Australscope

“We realised it was something untoward and thought it was animal poison,” Kayley told Jam Press.

“But I know that is normally vibrant blue to begin with, so we decided to open another packet of the same fudge and noticed another black nugget – this time embedded into the fudge.

“I had only eaten a bit as I didn’t like the texture, but that was normal of fudge and there was no unusual taste.”

Kayley reported the incident immediately, getting in touch with Poundland and contacting Environmental Health to help establish what the “nugget” was.

“Environmental Health notified us that the address stated on the fudge wasn’t actually where the product was produced, so they were in contact with other local authorities to liaise with the company where it is manufactured,” Kayley claims.

“Poundland has notified the company and I believe the particular batch of fudge has been removed from the shelves.

“Poundland also advised that the fudge company would like to make contact with us, but to date I haven’t received any communication – they have said they are investigating the incident.”

Kayley claims she received a phone call from Environmental Health on March 5 confirming her worst fears – it was indeed mouse faeces with poison in it.

“The mouse had eaten poison and before it took effect it left a little deposit where the fudge is made," she said.

The product is produced by Original Fudge Co and is part of its signature range.

Kayley is currently waiting for an update on the investigation.

A Poundland spokesperson confirmed the incident and said their customer service team was "in discussions with the customer and family".

"When they reported it to us earlier this week, we contacted the Original Fudge Company which makes the brand," the spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"While we now understand from trading standards’ investigation they believe this is an isolated incident at the supplier’s factory, it goes without saying we’re very sorry it happened and want to fully understand why."

– Australscope

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