Woolworths changes item name after it was called 'disrespectful'

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Woolworths has been forced to change the name of a type of raw chicken wing sold in their supermarkets after it was labelled as "disrespectful" to Aboriginal people.

A type of the supermarket's Macro Wholefoods Market free range wing pieces - which are wing pieces of chicken with the wing tips cut off - had previously been called "Boomerang Wings". 

The name caught the eye of a shopper on Saturday who pointed out in a post on Twitter that naming the chicken pieces after the Aboriginal throw tool could be seen by some people as cultural appropriation.

"Hey Woolworths, what’s up with this unnecessary and disrespectful cultural appropriation? Surely 'chicken wings' would suffice?," they wrote in a tweet.

Woolworths store.
Chicken wings sold at Woolworths labelled as "boomerang" could be cultural appropriation, a shopper has argued. Source: AAP

They added the hashtags for "respect" and "black lives matter".

When contacted by Yahoo News Australia a Woolworths spokesperson said after considering the customer's feedback the retailer would now be changing the name of the cut of chicken to "V wings".

It is the same name which Coles uses for the same cut.

Woolworths acts on wing name concern

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the term is a one which is commonly used in the poultry industry, but they would be making a change following the feedback.

"We appreciate the customer’s perspective," a Woolworths spokesperson said.

"We’ve reviewed the feedback and decided it’s appropriate to change the description of this particular cut to ‘V wings’.

"This is a description used by a wide range of chicken brands already, so customers will be familiar with it."

Before the name change decision had been made, a Woolworths employee responding on Twitter explained that the term "Boomerang Wings" was common in the industry.

"There are a number of name categories for wings including "wingettes, nibbles, 3 joint wings, boomerang cut".

"We hope that this information helps clear up any confusion," they wrote.

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