Woolworths hit with surprising delivery complaint

Woolworths has been hit with a new complaint concerning its online order packing after previously being criticised for its overuse of plastic bags.

This week, Queensland shopper Becky Kissin said she had encountered the opposite problem, claiming a significant portion of her online order was packed into one bag.

None of the loose fruit or vegetables were packed into produce bags for the $400 order, which the supermarket shopper said arrived from the Taigum store in Brisbane, Queensland, on Tuesday.

Ms Kissin said a packet of chicken had been carelessly tossed into a bag with the bulk of the fresh produce she purchased.

Becky Kissin's Woolworths order, showing fruit and vegetables piled into a single bag.
Becky Kissin said there was a packet of chicken mixed in with her order of fresh produce. Source: Facebook

"That's what annoyed me, not only was the chicken squashing the veggies, it can cause cross-contamination and make people sick," Ms Kissin told Yahoo News Australia.

"None of the veggies were in veggie bags."

Ms Kissin said it's the first time she's been disappointed with the packing from Woolworths.

"I have been doing online shopping for a long time and they are normally great. Guess it depends on who does the shop," she said.

Woolworths customers come to supermarket's defence

After raising her complaint to the supermarket's Facebook page, several customers defended Woolworths because of the packer's minimal use of plastic.

Shoppers have routinely complained about online orders being delivered in excessive amounts of plastic bags.

"I think you’ll find that a lot of customers sook on here when their produce is put in the plastic produce bags. Can’t make everyone happy unfortunately," one person wrote in a comment.

A Woolworths supermarket sign is displayed outside a shopping centre, showing the iconic green logo.
Woolworths has faced backlash over the way an online order was packed. Source: Getty Images

"The less plastic the better," another person wrote.

Someone else agreed with Ms Kissin, saying it was inappropriate for meat to be packed in with fresh produce.

"Yep, agreed, raw poultry got to be packed aside from any other item," they said.

Woolworths responds to complaint

Woolworths has apologised for the packing imperfection and contacted the customer to resolve the matter.

"We know it's frustrating when a customer's products are not delivered properly and we apologise for missing the mark on this occasion," a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"Our team of personal shoppers work hard to ensure orders are packed correctly, but they're human and don't get it right every time. We're eager to make this right with the customer and are getting in touch to resolve the issue."

Ms Kissin said she was offered a $10 credit as compensation.

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