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Melbourne resident finds deadly tiger snake in toilet bowl

An unlucky Melbourne resident received a very unwelcome surprise when they lifted the lid on their toilet to find one of the world’s most venomous snakes curled up inside.

Snake catcher Raymond Hoser was called to the home first thing on Tuesday morning to attend to the unwanted visitor.

“A large angry Tiger snake bailed up in a toilet!” the snake catcher wrote on the Snakebuster’s Facebook page.

Mr Hoser said as Australia heads into warmer weather, snakes come out of hibernation and will start becoming a more common site, especially due to the pandemic.

"Because people are at home and they're not out and about ... we've got a perfect storm where people will see more snakes," he told AAP.

A tiger snake in a toilet bowl found by snake catcher Raymond Hoser in Melbourne
An unlucky Melbourne woman received a very unwelcome surprise when she lifted the lid on her toilet to find one of the world’s most venomous snakes curled up inside. Source: Raymond Hoser

Thankfully the snake catcher was able to remove the tiger snake from the bathroom without much fuss.

“It is unsure if the snake was relieving itself or taking a drink,” he wrote.

“Most importantly, everyone was safe,” he added.

The professional snake catcher said the number one thing to remember is snakes are best left alone if found. If they hang around like the tiger snake did, it’s best to call the professionals.

"If you see a snake don't go near it. Nine times out of ten if they're in your garden they're passing through," he said.

"If you get bitten, bandage on your arm, straight to hospital.”

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