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Australia Post explains bizarre tow truck moment: 'NOT USUAL'

Australia Post has clarified an unusual incident after a postie’s bike was filmed being towed away on a truck.

Video shared on Instagram, believed to be filmed in Melbourne, shows a tow truck driver wheeling the bike onto the back of a flatbed truck, which is designed to accomodate much larger vehicles.

The man who filmed it captioned the video: “All this for a flat pushie tyre?”

“Are you outraged? Let’s all be outraged,” he wrote.

It’s not clear exactly from the video why the bike was being towed away.

A two truck driver puts an Australia Post bike on a flatbed truck for towing.
A postie got a flat tyre and needed a tow truck. Source: Instagram/ Giles Rittman via Brown Cardigan

Australia Post explains video

An Australia Post spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that when a smaller delivery vehicle breaks down or suffers a flat tyre, a van or trailer or ute will normally come along and collect it.

The mail and parcels are also normally collected and taken to the nearest delivery centre.

“While not usual practice, in this instance due to no other collection vehicles being available, the significant distance from the delivery centre and the damage to the front wheel making it difficult to push, a tow truck was used to pick-up the damaged bike and return it to the delivery centre quickly and safely,” the spokesperson said.

Deliveries for Australia Post have already begun to heat up due to the Christmas period and demand throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Deadlines for posting times for Christmas parcels have been announced.

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