Australia Post clarifies common misconception after $70 gift 'completely ruined'

An Australia Post customer was left fuming after a sentimental gift intended for her husband was delivered folded, despite having 'Do Not Bend' written on the envelope.

Leonie van Gool ordered a personalised star name for her partner as a Christmas present, only to find the envelope almost completely folded in half when it arrived.

"I paid $70 for this present for my partner and now it’s completely ruined," she captioned photos of the damaged package on Facebook.

Top view of an Australian Post package raised in the middle.
Leonie van Gool was disappointed when her package arrived. Source: Facebook

"How do you ignore the big writing “DO NOT BEND”," she continued, adding she was "heartbroken."

"I cried because it was meant to be a sentimental present for my partner and now it’s ruined," Ms van Gool told Yahoo News Australia. "I’ve tried to fix it but it’s still all creased."

"I tried calling Australia Post too but was unsuccessful getting through as they only have options for 'missing parcels or late delivery,'" she explained, adding it was "really sad."

The gift for her partner was almost folded in half.  Source: Facebook
The gift for her partner was almost folded in half. Source: Facebook

'Poorly packaged'

Facebook users were divided on how the item was delivered, many arguing that it wasn't packaged correctly considering it was a delicate item.

"This is appalling on the handing of the package… but on the other hand, in my opinion, it wasn’t packaged properly.. it was packaged poorly," one user commented.

"If it wasn’t meant to be bent I would have recommended a rigid mailer."

"They have never had a fragile service," another wrote. "AP will tell you to pack it rigid so it doesn’t bend BUT the postie should show care and leave at your door or card to PO."

Australia Post recommends that a tube or ridged envelopes could be more suitable for posting documents.

"While Australia Post doesn't offer a 'fragile service', we'll always try to handle items with care, but writing on your item won't protect it when it's in a mail bag or being processed through sorting equipment," a spokesperson from Australia Post told Yahoo News Australia.

"We do offer packaging options including mailing tubes and rigid mailer envelopes which are suitable for posting documents, photographs, posters and plans, and we always recommend that parcels are packaged appropriately with adequate protection for the item inside."

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