Australia Post customer outraged by 'ripped' state of package: 'No care'

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An Australia Post customer has shared his disappointment after receiving an important document in poor condition after delivery.

The Brisbane customer wrote a post on the Australia Post Complaints Facebook page, detailing the infuriating incident.

“I bought a commemorative birth certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages which was sent via Express Australia Post,” he wrote.

“Whoever the delivery person was didn’t care about the contents of my package.”

The customer then described the extent of the damage to his parcel, also sharing several photographs showing the state of the item.

Damaged, ripped and opened Australia Post parcel.
The parcel appears to have had a cardboard backing to keep the document safe, which has been folded. Source: Facebook

“They folded it in half and forced it into my mailbox, which ripped up the sides of the pack,” he said.

The accompanying photos show that the birth certificate was posted in a large, yellow Australia Post envelope, which shows significant damage on the corners and sides, which have been torn open.

“I went to my local Australia Post office to make a complaint, but I was told they only do complaints via phone,” the man said.

“So, I rang the number they provided me only to find out that Australia Post will only entertain urgent emergency issues like medical enquiries.”

Australia Post has previously made headlines for similar situations, where a woman received a broken and ripped box, and another customer’s irreplaceable collectibles were damaged and wet during transit with the postal giant.

It comes at a time the national postal service is enduring unprecedented demand heightened by the pandemic, leaving staff resources stretched across the country.

Parcel packaging post sparks fault debate

Many Australia Post Complaints group members have been using the comments section to debate who is at fault for the packaging mishap.

A lot of group members have urged the man to take his complaints to Births, Deaths and Marriages for their packaging choice.

“Sometimes the company packing the mail are definitely more responsible,” wrote one group member.

“Why didn’t Births, Deaths and Marriages put it in a small poster tube like they used to so it couldn’t be bent or damaged?” asked another.

“We received ours in a tube - I would contact Births, Deaths and Marriages and see if they will resend a copy in a tube; I hope you can get one properly sent this time,” said a third.

Although, not all group members agree that Australia Post was faultless.

“Even with a ‘do not bend’ sticker they’ve never honoured it,” said one group member.

“That’s just not good enough, I would have another one issued and couriered at their expense,” commented another.

Parcel delivery lockers with 24 hour access at the Australia Post retail centre.
Many parcels are now being taken to parcel lockers if a delivery is missed. Source: Getty Images

“Regardless of what’s inside, the postie should not force an article into a letter box if it doesn’t fit,” wrote a third.

One group member took the post as an opportunity to share his own similar experience with Australia Post.

“I used to be a stamp collector and one time I ordered a whole sheet of new stamps from Australia Post - they put a ‘do not bend’ sticker on it and my postie folded it in half right over the stamp,” he said.

Births, Deaths, Marriages clarifies postage policies

A spokesperson from Births, Deaths and Marriages has clarified postage procedures with Yahoo News Australia.

"Customers ordering certificates from RBDM are provided the option of using registered post, express post, or standard post," the spokesperson said.

"If a customer chooses to change it to standard post, the system presents a warning that RBDM recommends that the applicant chooses registered post to ensure the delivery of your certificate can be tracked and delivered to you securely within Australia.

"Standard certificates, by default, are posted in DLX windowed envelopes after being folded twice by a folding machine.

"Occasionally, customers will request that their standard certificate be posted unfolded. In those cases, RBDM will post their certificate in the manner described below for commemorative certificates.

"Commemorative certificates sent by registered or standard post are sent unfolded in A4 sized envelopes.

"A cardboard backing is inserted into the envelope for stability. Where a customer selects express post for a commemorative certificate, RBDM sends the document in a rigid cardboard express post envelope."

Australia post sign.
Australia Post has made a number of commitments to cope with heightened parcel demand. Source: Getty Images

Australia Post responds to packaging gripe

A spokesperson from Australia Post has told Yahoo News that while fragile services are not offered by the postal giant, suitable packaging options are available.

“Our people are working hard to deliver a record amount of parcels for our customers, and while the vast majority do arrive safely, in this case it is clear something has gone wrong and we apologise,” the spokesperson said.

“While Australia Post doesn't offer a 'fragile service', we do offer packaging options including mailing tubes and rigid mailer envelopes which are suitable for posting documents, photographs, posters and plans, and we always recommend that parcels are packaged appropriately with adequate protection for the item inside.

“We encourage customers to contact us via if they have concerns so we can provide help and support.”

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