Australia Post slammed for ‘crazy’ delivery act, sparking debate

Australia Post has been blasted on social media after a customer questioned a "lazy" delivery method.

Posting to the thousands of members of the Facebook group Australia Post Complaints, a Sydney woman shared two photographs.

The photos show two delivered items – a large box and a soft-wrapped package – which were left on the hood of the woman’s car. The car is shown to be parked within metres of her front door.

“The Australia Post postie left packages on top of our car?” she captioned the photos.

Packages shown left on woman's car. Source: Facebook
Group members were quick to criticise the delivery method. Source: Facebook

The post has since gained many comments from group members, who have slammed the delivery act.

“The bar has been set so low these days,” said one group member.

“Seems like the person was too lazy to climb the stairs,” commented another.

"What if it wasn't even your car?" a third person asked.

Another person said: "Bit crazy! But if you might have dogs that like to chew, this could be a better place!! Anyway, guess you found it safe!"

“They should have knocked on your door and if you're not home, leave a notification to pick up at the post office,” someone else wrote.

Other group members have taken to the comments section to share their own experiences with their posties.

“Ours did the same. 24kg packages on the bonnet,” wrote one person.

“Mine throws mail in the bushes, sticks it under the rear windshield wiper and has, on two occasions, thrown mail and parcels into the back of a ute in my driveway,” said another.

Australia Post has since confirmed with Yahoo News Australia that procedures were not followed in this delivery.

Facebook group debates reason for parcel act

Australia Post Complaints group members have had a heated debate in the comments section regarding the reason behind the postie’s car delivery.

One group member theorised that a courier could have been responsible for the drop rather than an Australia Post postie.

“The parcel’s too big for it to have been a postie,” they wrote.

Other group members have speculated that posties may choose to drop off parcels close to the road due to a vehicle regulation.

“They aren’t allowed to go far from their vehicle,” wrote one person.

“Why bother having a delivery service if you can’t leave the vehicle out of sight?” a group member responded.

“They’d be covered by insurance, lock the car and deliver our parcels!” said another.

Many other group members have taken to the comments section to congratulate the poster on receiving their packages, amid significant parcel delays and reports of missed deliveries.

“At least it turned up!” wrote one person.

“It was delivered to your house, that’s great!” said another.

“I’d much rather this than not at all,” commented a third.

Australia Post delivery truck on the street. Source: Getty Images
Some people commented that the person should be happy the package arrived at all amid the current delays. Source: Getty Images

Australia Post has recently announced the opening of sophisticated parcel sorting facilities to cope with demand, as well as the hiring of thousands of new recruits to deal with this Christmas’s predicted parcel rush.

Australia Post clarifies delivery rules: ‘Procedures have not been followed’

A spokesperson from Australia Post has spoken to Yahoo News and clarified procedures that posties are told to adhere to.

“Our people are working hard to deliver parcels for our customers, and while the vast majority arrive safely, in this case our delivery procedures have not been followed and we sincerely apologise to this customer,” the spokesperson said.

Australia Post red street post box. Source: Getty Images
Australia Post has apologised to the customer. Source: Getty Images

“Our posties and drivers are instructed to knock three times and call out before leaving a card or safe-dropping a parcel and parcels can only be safe-dropped if there is no signature required and the parcel can be left in a safe location.”

“If customers have concerns about their delivery service, we encourage them to contact us at so we can provide help and support.”

Australia Post has also recently announced an initiative to have missed deliveries automatically delivered to parcel safe lockers in some areas.

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