Truck driver hits three cars on Brisbane street and drives off

A man has slammed a truck driver for doing a 'hit and run' after hitting three cars in a narrow Brisbane street.

Police have confirmed with Yahoo News Australia that they are investigating the incident, which removalist Chris Hayes recorded at 11.30am on Tuesday.

The video shows the driver trying to squeeze through Scott Street in the suburb of Kelvin Grove, while cars were parked on either side.

"They’re regretting this about now," Mr Hayes said in the TikTok as the truck tries to navigate through the small gap.

Boldly deciding to continue driving, he slowly edges forward — the vehicle "almost touching" the parked cars — as a few people look on.

A photo of a truck driver trying to squeeze through a street in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, and hitting three cars in the process. The photo next to it is of a car that was scratched.
Removalist Chris Hayes posted a video to TikTok of a truck driver hitting three cars while trying to squeeze through a narrow street in Brisbane, Queensland. Source: TikTok / DBR_bris

A collective groan is then heard from onlookers as the truck makes impact with one of the cars, clearly underestimating his vehicle's size.

"Oh he’s just hit that car," the removalist says, clearly shocked.

"See this is why I did not want to go in here."

Instead of stopping and writing down his details, the driver decides to keep going and manages to hit two more on his way out.

"Wow he’s just done a runner," said Mr Hayes. "What a piece of s**t."

"Everyone was watching, why would he keep on driving?" he told Yahoo News Australia.

A woman is then seen running up to the light blue car that was hit, and throwing up her hands in annoyance.

Mr Hayes confirmed that she was the roommate of the woman who owned the car.

He also included photos of two of the cars damaged in the "hit and run" which he posted as part of his TikTok.

"Alright lets share this around guys," he said in the caption, also calling the truck driver a "loser".

Not first time its happened on this Brisbane street

Owner of the light blue Hyundai Getz, Brooke Cooper, was interviewed by 7 News and said "this is the second time in two days" that something like this has happened.

She said her car was "completely ripped apart" and had reported the driver and registration plate to police.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman confirmed to Yahoo that no charges have been laid at present and that "anyone with information is being urged to contact police".

Mr Hayes told Yahoo News Australia that several witnesses also reported the driver.

The street is notorious for being so narrow, with some residents being forced to park on the footpath and risk council fines, 7 News reported.

Mr Hayes said when doing his job, the team "go through very tight streets that are questionable," which is “pretty common" in the area.

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