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Backlash after Melbourne driver mocked for trailer fail

A woman who mocked a driver for travelling with their trailer gate open has not received the response she may have been anticipating.

"Let's play a game...what's wrong with this pic?" she posted alongside an image of the trailer in a Facebook group dedicated to "crap drivers and parkers" in Melbourne.

The photo shows a black SUV towing the trailer containing a large fridge. Its gate is unclasped and has swung wide open as the car brakes at a traffic light.

"Oh geez!" one person commented. "Thank goodness fridge is tied in".

The trailer with its gate open in Melbourne
The woman has been slammed for mocking a driver towing a trailer with its gate open. Source: Facebook/Melbourne crap drivers and parkers (Facebook / Melbourne crap drivers and parkers)

Facebook post backfires

While some Facebook users shared their concerns about the fridge falling out and injuring someone, many slammed the poster for not notifying the driver.

"You didn't move up to tell them the gate was open?" one person said.

"You and your passenger is whats wrong with this pic," someone else said.

"Plenty of room to pull up next to them and let them know but chose to stay back, take a pic, edit the pic and post it on social media."

"What's wrong is the fact that people just take photos and post them on social media and just drive past without having the curtesy to let them know something is wrong and then later on down the road something happens and causes an accident," a third person wrote.

Others said even a simple car horn beep would've done the trick.

The woman's Facebook post has been removed.

What happens if you have an unsecured load?

Drivers in Victoria caught with an unsecured load could be slapped with a hefty fine, even if it doesn't come loose.

There are three types of risk categories with varying fines, according to VicRoads.

A minor risk breach does not involve danger to a person, or the risk of damage to property or the environment, with drivers facing a fine of up to $330. A company can receive a $1209 fine.

A substantial risk breach poses a danger to people, property or the environment and can cost drivers $645, or $3224 for companies.

And lastly, a severe risk breach causes harm to people, or damage to property or the environment, and can land offenders in court.

If any offences result in a court appearance, individuals will also be liable for 100 penalty units (up to $16,119) and companies will be liable for 500 penalty units (up to $80,595).

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