Shocking moment garbage truck runs over woman on her phone

This is the moment a woman is run over by a garbage truck as she stares at her mobile phone without looking where she is going.

A viral video captured the woman concentrating on her mobile as she walks along a back road in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, north west China, on July 5.

As she stares transfixed at the phone screen, she does not see a huge lorry reversing towards her until it runs into her.

When it hits her legs, she buckles and disappears under the truck's rear wheels.

Woman walks on the street before being run over by reversing garbage truck in Xi'an, Shaanxi in China. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope
The truck can be seen driving over the woman as a stunned bystander watches on. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

She is only saved when a passerby runs to the truck driver's window and tells him to stop.

An insurance executive, named in local media as Mr. Wang, said that the woman had been treated in hospital but was later discharged.

The video of the accident went viral on Chinese social media, but most comments were about the other pedestrian.

Many felt he should have warned the woman before the truck hit her.

"This guy next to her is so ruthless," one person said.

The woman being run over by the garbage truck. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope
The woman is only saved when a passerby runs to the truck driver's window and tells him to stop. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

"It's not that he is ruthless, it could be that he was stunned at the time and couldn't react," another user defended him.

"Now you can look at your phone with peace of mind," another person commented.

Dancers crushed as giant screen falls at boy band concert

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: On Friday, disturbing video emerged of the horrifying moment a hanging giant screen fell on top of dancers at a concert in Hong Kong.

Scared fans screamed as the screen crashed on top of the dancers during local boyband Mirror's performance on Thursday night (local time).

The screen knocked one dancer over, pinning him to the ground before it fell on its side with others underneath.


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