'Like it’s snowed': TikToker's 'disgusting' find in abandoned hotel

A woman who explores abandoned buildings claims she’s uncovered the “most disgusting thing” she’s ever seen.

Ashley Howell from the UK posted a video to TikTok of a derelict and decaying hotel room.

In the terrifying clip, two single beds, a desk and side table can be seen.

But it’s what's covering the furniture, walls, curtains and ceiling that’s left viewers horrified.

“That’s all mould,” a man in the video says as he holds his jumper over his nose and mouth.

“Oh my god,” Ms Howell replies.

Mould on the bed looking like a fluffy blanket.
Many TikTok followers thought the bed was covered with a "fluffy blanket". Source: TikTok

As she pans around the room, a closer inspection reveals the beds have been engulfed entirely in white mould.

It’s also covering a desk in the corner and red curtains by the window.

While reams of black mould have taken over a corner of the ceiling and even inside “the bloody photos".

“It looks like it's snowed in here,” the man in the video says.

While followers had other ideas.

“I just thought it looked like a comfy bed,” one person wrote, referring to the mounds of mould on top of the two mattresses.

“I thought it was a fluffy blanket,” another agreed.

Some even suggested that it could be the scene from a horror film.

“They could make a movie here,” a user said.

“I am convinced this is somehow how the zombie apocalypse will start,” someone added.

Others were all for walking away.

“Throw the house away and start over," one person wrote.

Mould on the ceiling (left) and in a picture frame (right)
Mould covered the entire hotel room from the ceiling to the picture frames. Source: TikTok

In a later video, Ms Howell revealed the “abandoned hotel and wedding venue” had been left for over six years.

“What an amazing explore,” she wrote.

In another room, Ms Howell and her fellow explorer can be seen watching TV and boiling a kettle after discovering that “all the electrics work".

When asked how she made it into the abandoned building, Ms Howell admitted that the “windows were open!”

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