The touching story behind a mysterious rose found floating in lake

A grieving widow’s touching wish to honour her late husband was granted when a stranger found the disabled woman’s note attached to a single red rose, left on a lakeside gate.

The anonymous woman left a message begging whoever found it to throw the flower into the water  where her husband’s ashes had been scattered, as her wheelchair no longer allowed her access to the lakeside.

“Please can someone throw this into the lake for me,” the note begins.

A grieving widow’s touching wish to honour her late husband was granted when a stranger found the woman’s note attached to a lakeside gate. Source: BVGS Rowing / Twitter

“My late husband’s ashes are in the lake and I can’t get to the lakeside in my wheelchair anymore + gates are locked – have to drive back up north tonight. Thank you x”.

Members of Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School Rowing Club, in Birmingham, UK, tweeted a picture of the heartfelt note alongside one of the rose floating in the lake, along with the caption: “This note was left on the gate at the water this afternoon.

“No name or number left but whoever you are, rest assured your rose is in place in the middle of the lake.”

A local rowing club member honoured the woman’s wish and threw the rose into the water, where her late husband’s ashes had been scattered. Source: BVGS Rowing / Twitter

The tweet has gone viral since it was shared last Thursday, with thousands all over the world praising the rowers for their kind gesture.

Many hoped the tweet might somehow reach the anonymous woman.

One tweeted: “Love, condolences, and many thanks to the people who shared this bit of humanity. We are better people for sharing this.”

“I have just read that note. It has brought tears to my eyes,” another commented.

A third wrote: “How both beautiful and sad. You are an angel for doing that for her, kisses to you.”

Some said the woman’s story highlighted the problem with wheelchair access, with one tweeting: “There are so many reasons that actually accessible communities are important.”

Other acts of kindness

The gesture of kindness comes after a Queensland father was pleasantly surprised last week when he opened his mailbox to find a kind note along with $20 cash.

The Aussie dad isn’t the only one to receive a kind note.

In July a couple stricken by drought in NSW were moved when they found a random note in their letterbox containing $400.

The cash was left with a note saying: “A gift to tide you over (maybe).”

Last year, the owners of a sheepdog were surprised when they discovered their pup with a note claiming he was a hero for saving another dog.