Top Aussie chef reveals her secret go-to McDonald's hack

The off-menu request has the chef's tick of approval

An award-winning chef's hot take on a classic Macca's order is the simple but delicious upgrade customers might be looking for.

Kimberly Tang, 27, who currently works at popular Sydney restaurant Chef's Table, has built up an impressive career that has scored her the Golden Chef of the Year 2021 award.

So it's only natural her Macca's 'hack' will have you shouting "yes chef!".

A photo of a McDonald's bun with cheese and a meat patty. A photo of Chef Kimberly Tang, cooking in a kitchen.
Chef Kimberly Tang, shared what she orders at Mcdonald's. Source: Getty file image/Instagram

"Making a semi-regular appearance in my diet is the Macca's double cheeseburger but with a kicker: replacing the sauce with Big Mac sauce and requesting the steamed bun (credit to brother Tang, who is also a chef)," she told SMH in their Good Food Guide when asked what her "most uncheffy thing [to] eat out" is.

While most McDonald’s burgers are served on a toasted sesame bun, the steamed version used in the Filet-O-Fish sandwich offers a more light and pillowy texture. Ms Tang makes the point that this bun can be ordered at any time and on any burger.

Aussie McDonald's worker reveals secret off-menu item: 'They taste amazing'

If the steamed bun option with the iconic Big Mac sauce isn't for you — despite being chef-certified — Yahoo has covered other Macca's hacks that might strike your fancy.

One employee shared a hack long-known by Macca's team members, where she squashed a regular burger bun into a ball and threw it in the deep fryer. She then mixed up a combination of cinnamon and sugar in a McCafé coffee cup, tossed the freshly fried bun and sugar blend into a burger container and gave it a good shake until the snack was evenly coated. The last step was to smother the creation in hot chocolate fudge sauce.

Other hacks include ordering McNuggets to be 'well done' which according to a customer make them crispier, followed by dipping them into a mix of Sweet and Sour dipping sauce with McChicken sauce.

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