McDonald's fan shares secret McNuggets hack: 'Oh my God'

A McDonald's fan has revealed a little-known Chicken McNugget hack that might just change how you order your nuggets forever. Popular TikToker Bec Hardgrave visited a Macca's drive-thru to show viewers they can order their McNuggets "well done" if they want them extra crispy.

In the clip shared with her 100,000 followers, Bec tested the theory by ordering live to camera and was surprised when the cashier accepted her request without question. "Oh my God, they did it," she laughed incredulously. "I'm actually so shocked that worked."

McDonald's nugget hack
The popular TikToker revealed a sure-fire way to ensure your McDonald's nuggets are crunchy. Photo: TikTok/@bechardgrave

The big test was whether the nuggets would actually be delivered with added crunch. "It's hard to tell on the camera, but they're definitely a lot darker than they would normally be," Bec observed before her taste test revealed the nuggets were indeed crispier than usual. "I thought they'd be a little bit more dry, but they're actually good," she noted.


The wisdom didn't stop there, with Bec trying another hack suggested by her TikTok followers: mixing Sweet and Sour dipping sauce with McChicken sauce. The result was a hit with the social media star, who said the combo is an even better Macca's hack than well-done chicken nuggets. "That is so good," she exclaimed, adding that the new flavour could even rival Big Mac sauce.

McDonald's sauce hack
The Macca's fan was even more excited about the sauce hack. Photo: TikTok/@bechardgrave

Bec's followers even came up with potential names for the hybrid sauce. "My partner and I call that sauce combo sweetonaise and it's our favourite sauce ever," one viewer commented.

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