Aussie McDonald's worker reveals secret off-menu item: 'They taste amazing'

A surprising ingredient is used in Macca's "doughnut" recipe.

An Aussie McDonald's employee has lifted the lid on a long-held staff secret, revealing a product made from the fast-food chain's burger buns that has some fans calling for it to be added to the menu.

The TikTok user posted a now-viral video of herself creating a makeshift doughnut by squashing a regular Macca's burger bun into a ball and throwing it in the deep fryer.

McDonald's doughnut hack
Video of the McDonald's secret doughnut recipe has been viewed almost a million times. Source: TikTok/@ellaamciintyre

She then goes on to mix up a combination of a cinnamon and sugar in a McCafé coffee cup, before tossing the freshly fried bun and sugar blend into a burger container and giving it a good shake until the snack is evenly coated. She finishes her masterpiece by smothering her McBun-nut in McDonald's hot chocolate fudge sauce and giving her creation a score of nine out of 10.

"This should be on the menu," commented one excited viewer. "We need to be able to try this," someone else wrote. However, others were less impressed, saying the creation was "anything but a doughnut" and wondering why someone would go to all this effort when "McDonald's do doughnuts in their McCafé line".

McDonald's doughnut hack
Former McDonald's staffers say the doughnut hack has been around for decades. Source: TikTok/@ellaamciintyre

McDonald's doughnuts an old trick

Former employees commented on the video to reveal that this hack has long been shared by Macca's team members. "I've done that, they taste amazing," replied one user, with another saying staff used to do the same thing "when I worked there in high school in 2004".

The post also drew imaginative suggestions on how to improve doughnuts. One commenter, who claimed to be a former Hungry Jack's employee, advised soaking the bun in sundae mix before frying it, promising it would taste even better. Another recommended adding jam inside the bun for an extra burst of flavour.

Macca's employees up their dessert game

It seems McDonald's workers enjoy conducting experiments in the kitchen, with another customer thanking staff for a significantly upgraded dessert earlier this week. Taking to TikTok, Lilly Hughes explained that she usually orders a large Chocolate Sundae with Mini M&M's instead of a Mini M&M's McFlurry with Hot Fudge Topping because, in her experience, there were never enough toppings on a McFlurry.

McDonald's sundae
A Macca's customer couldn't believe her luck when she was served a sundae with extra toppings. Source: TikTok/@lillyelhughes

"I always get the sundae and they just sprinkle a few Mini M&M's on top, you know, minimal effort," she says in the clip that's been viewed 1.4 million times. She then revealed her large sundae was brimming with chocolate fudge and even had Mini M&M's mixed through the sauce at the bottom of the cup.

Ms Hughes couldn't contain her excitement, raving about the "scrum-diddly-umptious" treat, and giving a shout-out to the "queen of hospitality and customer service" who prepared it for her.

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