Awkward moment Aussie woman gets stuck in KFC drive-thru: 'Got to blow'

Footage has emerged of the moment an Aussie driver ran into a problem at the drive-thru.

The awkward moment an Australian woman was almost trapped in a KFC drive-thru has been caught on camera.

In a clip posted to TikTok, the female driver can be seen placing an order at one of the fast food chain’s restaurants in Victoria. But as the KFC worker asks her a question through the intercom, the woman is forced to interrupt him.

“Sorry two seconds,” she says, while holding a device in her hand. “I’m so sorry, hold on, this thing...I’ve got to blow on it or my car will stop.”

The young woman in the passenger seat (left) and the female driver blowing into the interlock device (right).
The young woman in the passenger seat couldn't hold back her laughter while the driver attempted to blow into the interlock device. Source: TikTok/ meganboon309v

'You're making me nervous'

As the front seat passenger pans the camera up towards her own face, she can be seen laughing while a beeping is emitted from the device.

In the background, the female driver is heard blowing into the box before the beeping continues.

“F**k, I’m so sorry dude,” she says to the KFC worker through the speaker. “It usually doesn’t take this long, you’re making me nervous.”

“Nah, you’re right, you’ve got this,” he replies.

In hysterics, the passenger manages to explain that they can’t drive-thru while the woman tries again with the device

“Yay it worked, I’m good,” she says before asking the employee if he’s “telling everyone”.

“Are you doing a breathalyzer?” he replies, before another worker cuts in through the intercom.

“My friend has one of these!” the female staff member says. “We’ll be going 100 down the highway and it starts beeping at him!”

“Interlock, pain in the ass isn’t it!” the driver adds.

KFC customer's video goes viral

The video on TikTok, which has since been viewed more than 1.3 million times, was posted with the caption “when you have to blow into your interlock at KFC and run out of breath”.

An alcohol interlock is a personal breath-testing device linked to the ignition of a car. The Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program is designed to assist drivers get their licence back after having it disqualified for drink driving. There is no suggestion the woman in the video has had her licence disqualified.

The clip of the woman successfully blowing into the device has also racked up thousands of comments with many praising KFC staff for being “so supportive”.

“‘You got this’ is killing me,” one person wrote. “Every Aussie was behind you at this point,” another added.

“This is hilarious,” said someone else. “I laughed my head off,” commented a fourth.

While many fast food workers online pointed out that everyone in the store with a headset would have been able to hear the drive-thru exchange, others chimed in with their own experiences.

“I have an interlock too and it always loves going off as soon as I pull into the drive thru as well,” one person wrote.

“The amount of times this has happened to me!” another said. “[It] always asks for a retest at the worst times.”

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