Customer horsing around at McDonald's drive-thru stuns onlookers

An unusual looking customer turned heads at a NSW McDonalds when this car pulled up at the drive-thru.

We're not horsing around when we say a customer that you don't see every day rocked up at a Maccas drive-thru.

A woman spotted the mini horse inside its owner's car on Monday, just casually sticking its head out the window, and decided to record the wild encounter.

"Is that a horse in your car?," she asks the owner, clearly dumbfounded. To which the owner says "he’s excited for his ice cream". She also finds out the beautiful white horse's name is Rocko.

Two photos of a white mini horse in the back seat of a car at a Maccas drive-thru in NSW.
A woman in NSW came across a horse in the back seat of a car at a Maccas drive-thru. Source: TikTok

Social media users react to bizarre discovery

The TikTok video was believed to be filmed at Tuggerah Maccas drive-thru on the NSW Central Coast. It has been viewed more than 310,000 times, with many finding it hilarious.

"The way he nodded at the driver," one person said.

"Dogs look a bit different down under," another joked.

"I work at Berkeley Vale and I go there all the time and not once have I seen Rocko at Tuggerah," a third person said. "I need him in my life."

Others were disappointed that they didn't see the mane event — Rocko eating ice cream.

"Why didn't you record Rocko getting his treat. Damn it," one said.

McDonald's customer stuns onlookers with choice of drive-thru transport

This is not the first time a video of a horse at a Maccas drive-thru went viral, only back in September last year, it was slightly less subtle.

A young man, who calls himself The Blessed Equestrian, posted a video of himself on TikTok casually ordering 100 chicken nuggets at the Leytonstone McDonald's Drive-thru in East London.

"I'm hungry after my hack. What can I say?" the rider told viewers in the clip after placing his order amid cheers.

"Yeah. We was hungry man," he says after picking his McNuggets up from the next window.

According to the NRMA, laws around keeping pets safe in vehicles differ depending on the state, but in NSW an animal needs to be kept secure in the backseat, and not be a distraction to the driver.

A Transported Stock Statement (TSS) also needs to be completed before driving, according to the Australian Department of Primary Industries.

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