Aussie McDonald's customer reveals secret menu hack: 'Genius'

All the flavour of the legendary Big Mac in a burger half the size.

Popular content creator Bec Hardgrave, known for her calorie-cutting food hacks, recently shared a clever McDonald's trick that's gone viral on social media.

Hardgrave discovered that by requesting a "Mini Mac" alteration to a standard Cheeseburger, Macca's lovers can still enjoy the iconic flavour of a Big Mac while keeping their calorie-count in check and saving a few bucks at the same time.

Regular Big Mac burgers pack a whopping 563 calories, while a single Cheeseburger is relatively low in calories by comparison, at 313.

Bec Hardgrave holding a McDonald's burger
Behold the "Mini Mac" - a hybrid burger anyone can order at McDonald's. Source: TikTok/@bechardgrave

Although McDonald's doesn't offer a "Mini Mac" on its standard menu, the fast-food giant has confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that customers can indeed make changes like this to their orders to cater to their tastes.

"Customers can absolutely customise their burger," a spokesperson for McDonald's confirmed. "Macca's menu is designed to be customised to suit taste preferences and dietary requirements."

How to order a 'Mini Mac' at McDonald's

How do diners order a miniature version of the legendary Big Mac? Hardgrave explained in her video shared to TikTok and Instagram that you simply ask to order a "Cheeseburger like a Mac", which will prompt the staff member to make the necessary adjustments to the burger.

The major difference between a Macca's Cheeseburger and a Big Mac is the ratio of bread to meat, as well as the sauce used on the burger. A Big Mac comes with two meat patties slathered in Big Mac sauce and an extra bun layer in the middle, however a Cheeseburger only has a single patty inside a regular bun and is served with a combination of ketchup and mustard. Both burgers contain pickles.

The TikTok clip shows Hardgrave proudly presenting her customised burger, which she affectionately dubs the "Mini Mac". In the footage she advises viewers, "if you ask for it like a Mac and they don't know what you're talking about, you can literally say remove mustard and ketchup, and add lettuce, add Big Mac sauce."

Hardgrave - accompanied at the McDonald's drive-thru by her mum Sharon - wasted no time in trying out the custom burger, followed by an all-important taste test. Both agreed the creation is "yummy".

'Mini Mac' hack cuts calories and cash

Not only is the "Mini Mac" lower in calories than the iconic Big Mac, it's also cheaper. While the exact calorie count is unclear, Brisbane-based Hardgrave reveals that you'll only pay the price of a Cheeseburger for this game-changing snack.

Excited Macca's fans flooded the comments urging McDonalds to consider making the "Mini Mac" a permanent menu fixture. Some recalled that the fast-food chain had previously offered a limited-edition version of a similar burger, called the Son of Mac, which also had only one beef patty and no middle roll.

One viewer asked, "Why is this not on the menu for real?" while another declared, "OMG, this is genius". If these reactions are anything to go by, perhaps we'll see the Son of Mac return to McDonald's menus soon.

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