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The unbelievably lucky way man won $645,000 lotto

Some people play the lottery using the special dates like birthdays and anniversaries, some people swear by their lucky numbers and others decide to play the numbers they found inside of a fortune cookie.

A very lucky man has just scooped up over half a million dollars by doing the latter.

Ernesto Sorzano is currently busy moving interstate from Florida to North Carolina, so last week he decided to pick up a quick Chinese takeaway meal for dinner.

Little did he know the free fortune cookie thrown in would end up actually winning him a fortune.

Lucy numbers found inside of a fortune cookie
A man has won the lottery using numbers he found in a fortune cookie. Source: Getty Stock

Mr Sorzano used the numbers that he found in his cookie to buy a lottery ticket at a 7-Eleven store in Huntersville and thought nothing much of it, however on Saturday night those numbers from the sweet treat matched four of the Powerball numbers drawn, winning him $50,000 ($A64,000).

Because he had also bought a Power Play ticket, that prize jumped to $500,000 (A$645,000).

"Unbelievable, I'm just super happy that my dreams came true," Mr Sorzano told North Carolina Education Lottery officials.

Mr Sorzano now plans to buy a new home once he relocates permanently to North Carolina and he has his favourite fried rice and prawn Chinese meal to thank for his new-found fortune.

Emma Duvoll and her $2 million dollar lotto prize after playing numbers she found in a fortune cookie.
Emma Duvoll won $2 million (A$2,576,000) after playing the lottery with numbers she found in a fortune cookie from a noodle shop. Source: Getty

"That was a good investment," Mr Sorzano said.

After taxes, Mr Sorzano took home $353,751 (A$456,000) on Monday (local time).

It's not the first time a fortune cookie has delivered some extra good fortune, in 2014 Emma Duvoll took home $2 million (A$2,576,000) after using the numbers she found in a fortune cookie from Sammy's Noodle Shop and Grill in Greenwich Village, New York.

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