The tiny Sydney room renting for $200 a week

A Sydney woman was blasted after she posted an ad for a room for rent in Bondi for $200 a week.

The "small room" itself appears to be no bigger than one metre wide by two metres long and was posted for rent last week.

“Boys and girls are welcome!” it said. “Me and my friend are renting a small room in our apartment in Bondi... It is not to share," the post said.

“It is unfurnished but I have a bed to pick up where I lived before and also the person will have lots of space in common areas, a wardrobe near bathroom and a big box of shoes near the room."

The room looks no bigger than one metre wide and two metres long. Source: Facebook

The room, which is no longer advertised, was labelled a "walk-in wardrobe" by one person, the Daily Mail reports.

"We are very friendly and respect each other’s space... We don’t want someone that party's [sic] a lot and all the time bring friends to come over because we need to study, so if you have qualities like these ones please contact me," the post finished.

One Facebook user wrote, “Someone please tell me this is a joke.”

“$200’s pretty steep for a walk-in wardrobe," another said.

Another person said the advertisement of over-priced rooms has to stop.

The woman posted the ad on a Facebook group. Source: Facebook

“Slum landlords ripping people off has to stop,” the person said while another pointed out the space is for "reading or hanging clothes, not for sleeping".

On Sunday, it was revealed a London home measuring just 231cm wide was on the market for a staggering $1.8 million.

Dubbed the 'Slim House', the home is so narrow that the owner Aimee Luther can almost touch both sides at the same time.

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