Sydney commuters gush over 'cute' train announcement: 'Nice change'

The train guard's message was quick to put a smile on the faces of weary Sydney commuters.

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A Sydney train guard has been praised for boosting the spirits of weary commuters with her unique approach to reading the route announcements.

A passenger's ears perked up more than usual while travelling through the city on Wednesday after the guard's personable delivery left her feeling good. She decided to share the joy and captured the video for social media.

"Bankstown line this evening... This train conductor made my whole week," the post said.

Train announcements are heard on every Sydney train.
The train announcements are heard by thousands of commuters on Sydney trains everyday. Source: Getty and AAP

Regular public transport passengers are well versed in the informative, yet often monotonous, announcements on Sydney trains but this guard's refreshing reading delighted the passenger on board.

"For those of you who have just joined us, I'd like to welcome you to the birthday train. Today is my birthday so that's what I'm calling it!" the guard can be heard saying over the speakers.

"My birthday wish is that the rest of your day is as beautiful as you are," she continued.

All hail the birthday train

The video was shared to Reddit where the guard was described as "cute" for showcasing her personality during the route announcements.

"It's a nice change from the usual monotone announcements to be honest," one wrote.

"That's wholesome and would make my day if I heard this. You can tell she cares about her job and passengers," another said.

Transport NSW confirmed guard's are instructed to be factual and articulate when speaking on the train's overhead speakers, updating passenger's on any delays and ensuring health and safety on public transport is prioritised.

As long as these guidelines are followed, guard's are more than welcome to inject some personality in their announcements.

"Sydney Trains guards are encouraged to engage with our customers and bring to life train announcements while ensuring a focus on safety, which is our top priority," Transport NSW told Yahoo News.

"Our drivers and guards are proud to deliver a friendly, safe, and reliable service to our customers and we love to hear positive feedback of our customers’ experiences," the spokesperson said.

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