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Sydney train passenger's shocking Covid act sparks debate

A man on board a T1 line train in Sydney has divided the internet after he was spotted taking a Covid-19 rapid antigen test (RAT) during the morning commute.

In a photo posted on Reddit, the passenger was shown holding the RAT in his hands, apparently waiting for the result.

"I want to take a bath in hand sanitiser. Guy on the T1 train this morning casually taking a rapid antigen test (RAT) for his spicy cough," the Redditor captioned the photo.

A man on a Sydney train holding a Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test
A commuter aboard the T1 line train in Sydney was spotted taking a Covid-19 rapid antigen test. Source: Reddit

The picture drew mixed reactions from members of the Sydney subreddit, with some plainly grossed out with the choice of location to conduct the test.

"Ew, I understand not everyone has access to a car and maybe he was sent home with a RAT from work, but just wait until you get home, you don't need to know your results right this moment," one person commented.

"And at least wear the damn mask over your nose while you wait for the result!!" another Redditor reacted, while other members joked about wanting to see the results and the passenger probably testing negative anyway.

"I think I will go home and spend five days in isolation and do a RAT after sitting next to a bloke who did that," someone else said.

'Not the worst thing I've seen on Sydney trains'

Some Reddit users however did say they've seen worse things done during a commute.

"Not the worst thing I've seen on Sydney trains. I'd much rather this than loud eaters, toenail clipping, summoning and slurping back snot and man spreading," someone replied.

"I've now seen multiple people clip their nails on public transport and every single time I'm so stunned. Clippings flying everywhere. Wtf??" one woman related.

The photo also shows the passenger in question wearing a mask, albeit incorrectly, while other commuters appeared to not be wearing masks at all. It is currently still mandatory for people over 12 years of age to wear a face mask on public transport in New South Wales, including in aeroplanes.

"But at least he is wearing a chin diaper. These days they don't even wear that on trains even though signs say you must," a Redditor commented.

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