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Message written on hand of Sydney commuter sparks wild speculation

One man's apparent reminder to himself has caused quite the stir online after the message he'd written on the back of his hand was spotted by a commuter on a Sydney train.

Scribbled in blue pen, the message read "send breakup email," with some people assuming it was his way of ending his relationship.

"Is this the most gutless way to break up with someone?" Sydney radio host Emma Chow wrote on TikTok after filming the man and sharing it online.

TikTok showing a message written on a hand.
The man seemed to have written a reminder on his hand which prompted widespread speculation. Source: TikTok/mikeeandemma

The video was filmed on a Sydney train during the morning commute on Tuesday morning. Ms Chow, from The Edge 96.1, was sitting behind him when she spotted the controversial message.

Emma revealed on her radio show that she noticed the "reminder" because the man in front of her kept "scratching his neck," reported.

"I had to take a video of this because I couldn’t quite believe this guy had written this note on his hand," the radio host said.

People debate about meaning of message

The video was subject to wild speculation as TikTok users jumped to their own conclusions.

Some people assumed it was intended for his partner and agreed the break-up method was "brutal".

"This is the most heartless way to break up with someone," one person wrote.

"EMAIL??? not even a call or text?? DAMN, That's cold," another said.

One person said an email is "better than ghosting" and didn't think it was too bad.

But dozens suggested it had nothing to do with a romantic relationship and said it was probably work-related.

Sydney train seats
The man was on a Sydney train when the radio host sitting behind him saw his hand. Source: Getty

Possible sales jargon

Some pointed out the term is commonly used in sales-based roles and thought that was the most reasonable explanation.

"Could be organising a work break up," one person suggested.

While another said the "poor guy" probably works in inbound sales and is getting "dragged to hell and back".

Others encouraged people not to judge the situation or jump to any conclusions.

While another said you can "never trust someone that has to write reminders on their hand," because you "don't need that kind of disorganised chaos in your life".

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