Why the position of this basketball hoop saw a family fined

A father who put a basketball hoop on his street kerb has been hit with a whopping fine from his local council.

Brightwater father Trent Robinson thought he was doing a service for the neighbourhood when he purchased a portable basketball hoop and placed it on the strip near his property for his daughters and neighbourhood children to enjoy.

The Sunshine Coast council did not like the idea and promptly issued a warning to remove the hoop, deeming it a “tripping hazard”.

“I spoke to the council officer and he said to make sure it wasn't on the footpath,” Mr Robinson said.

After moving the hoop a few inches so the base was off the footpath and on the grass, the father of two thought the matter had been resolved.

Sunshine Coast father Trent Robinson said his daughters and local children have been enjoying playing outside with the basketball hoop. Source: Supplied Trent Robinson

But the council did not agree and sent a card in the mail with a $650 fine.

Mr Robinson suggested the council had not provided adequate playground equipment for local children, with the nearest playground only having one small swing for “about 40 kids” to play outside.

“I have no idea what the kids will do,” he posted in a community Facebook group.

Mr Robinson did not think any of the neighbours in his street would have lodged a formal complaint with council as many of the residents have been enjoying the new addition to the quiet cul-de-sac.

The quiet cul-de-sac where the basketball hoop has been removed from the footpath. Source: Supplied Trent Robinson

“The thing that annoys me is there’s about 15 kids in the street and sometimes the parents come out and shoot some hoops, so I don't know who in the street would complain,” he said.

Councillor Christian Dickson was tagged in the post and reached out to Mr Robinson offering to look in to the hefty fine.

“Hi Trent, I’m really disheartened to see a fine has been issued. A warning would’ve been more than sufficient. It’s also the first time I’ve seen a fine issued like this in my time on council.” Cr Dickson posted.

Mr Robinson told Yahoo News Australia he is yet to pay the fine.

Cr Dickson told Yahoo News that he has been in touch with Mr Robinson to organise a meeting with the family at their home.

CR Dickson said he will be “encouraging Mr. Robinson to lodge an appeal for the fine to be waived and that alternative arrangements for the placement of the basketball hoop be discussed to meet the councils local laws policy.”

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