Son's cheeky prank for mum arriving at airport

A family has played a hilarious prank on their mum while picking her up from the airport.

Barbara Nielsen returned home from a business trip recently and found her son Daimen at the airport holding a sign to welcome her home.

She shared a picture of her boy holding the sign on Facebook near the luggage carousel.

A US family pranked their mum with a sign on picking her up from the airport. Source: Facebook/Jessica MsJae Williams & Barbara Nielsen

“Welcome home from prison mum,” the sign read.

It’s believed her husband, Brandon, organised the sign.

“Brandon is a jerk lol,” the amused mum wrote.

Ms Nielsen wasn’t in prison. She was returning from a work trip, CBS Denver reports.

One of the mum’s friends, Jessica MsJae Williams, shared a screenshot of the post.

“I died laughing,” she wrote.

Ms Wiliams’ post has since been shared more than 118,000 times and left Facebook users in stitches.

“My husband would do that lol,” one woman wrote.

A number of users also suggested they might give the joke a try next time they pick up a friend or family member from the airport.