Woman loses fiancé a day after shopping for engagement rings

A woman is heartbroken after her fiancé was killed the day after the pair went engagement ring shopping.

Melinda Estes told US broadcaster ABC 3340 she went shopping on Sunday with Corey Chapman to upgrade her engagement ring.

It was meant to be the happiest time of their lives, but the dream turned into a nightmare when Mr Chapman was involved in a head-on crash after crossing the centre line on a road in west Jefferson County, in Alabama, on Monday.

Melinda Estes and her fiancé Corey Chapman went ring shopping before his death. Source: Facebook/Melinda Estes

“He would want us to celebrate his life and reach as many people as he can,” Ms Estes told ABC.

“For those of us who knew him and knew what he was going through … reach as many people as we can. He would tell us to breathe and that it is going to be OK, that he is OK, his soul was saved, and that he would see us again.”

She said finding out about her fiancé’s death felt like “I got kicked in the gut. That kick is still there. I just fell to the floor. This can’t be real”.

Ms Estes told ABC Mr Chapman loved his son and she had a number of memories she would hold on to.