Shock video shows man clinging to BMW as it's being stolen

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A car salesman has been filmed clinging to the bonnet of a BMW being stolen from the lot.

Video uploaded to Facebook by car dealership Sport Motors in London, Canada, shows the thief driving off in a 2018 BMW M4 on Wednesday at about 5.47pm.

Sport Motors said the man responsible for the theft had asked to look at the BMW.

“We turned it on as per his request to hear the engine running (No Keys in vehicle),” it wrote on Facebook.

“Once he went inside the vehicle, he told our sales rep that he had to make a phone call.

"He was given the privacy to call, our sales rep stood close by in front of the vehicle. The suspect floors the vehicle towards the sales rep, hitting him falling on the hood and [he] kept accelerating, the sales rep had been scared for his life hanging on.”

Moe Al-Kaissy, 23, clings to the bonnet of a stolen BMW M4
Moe Al-Kaissy, 23, holds on for dear life as the thief takes off. Source: Sport Motors

The video shows the salesman tumbling off the hood and onto the road not long after the car left the lot.

Another person, who was behind the wheel of a silver Audi A4, drove off behind the BMW and is believed to be an accomplice.

“The suspect cut traffic onto Oxford Street with the sales rep on the hood accelerating at very dangerous speed,” Sport Motors wrote.

“He almost took the salesman's life on numerous occasions during this incident. He ran red lights, drove into oncoming traffic while the sales rep was still on the hood going at least 100km/h, swerved left and right aggressively to throw him off with no regards for his life, people, or the law.”

BMW salesman's brush with death

The salesman, identified as Moe Al-Kaissy, 23, told 23 WIFR he “genuinely thought” he was going to die.

“At one point, I had to grab onto the wiper arm, because I was sliding off, and my feet got dragged onto the street,” he told the station.

“And my shoes got lost, my socks got ripped. Like, my feet are all ripped up right now.”

On Facebook, people agreed Mr Al-Kaissy is “lucky to be alive”.

Moe Al-Kaissy, 23, falls onto a road after coming off the bonnet of a stolen BMW M4.
Mr Al-Kaissy tumbles from the car. Source: Sport Motors

“Glad to hear Moe was able to walk away relatively unscathed, all things considered it could have turned out much worse,” one woman wrote.

“Hope they can find the people responsible.”

One man called the incident “unreal”.

“Hope everything is fine with him and they catch these guys,” he wrote.

London police confirmed to 23 WIFR the theft is being investigated but the people responsible are yet to be found.

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