Shocking discovery inside garbage truck moments before being crushed

The garbage collectors noticed some movement coming from the pile of rubbish before jumping into action.

Garbage collectors made a shocking discovery inside the back of their truck, moments after starting the crusher to demolish what's inside.

During their routine collection service, the bin collectors noticed movement in the pile of rubbish and quickly realised it was a man who'd been picked up with the trash and dumped into the truck. It's believed he may have been homeless and was seeking shelter in a bin.

The workers swiftly called emergency services and a firefighting team arrived to help with the rescue. The rescue was captured on video which shows firefighters wading through a large stack of rubbish on the street after dragging it out of the back of the full bin lorry.

A man was pulled from a pile of rubbish that had been dumped in a bin moment before being crushed. Source: Jam Press
A man was pulled from a pile of rubbish that had been dumped in a bin moment before being crushed. Source: Jam Press

Eventually, they discovered a barely conscious man in the pile and carefully made a clearing before pulling him out. Firefighters carried the victim to the side of the street before performing first aid.

Surge of people scouring bins amid cost of living crisis

The rescue took place in the Colombian capital Bogotá this week however it's a growing trend worldwide, including in Australia, thanks to the cost of living crisis which has seen more people climbing into bins for for various reasons, mostly for shelter or for items to keep.

One local said: "Homeless people often go into dustcarts looking for useful items or to protect themselves from the cold or even enemies". "That was a very dangerous situation as many people die like that," another shared. Meanwhile, a third said: "Well done, a very valuable life has been saved".

Authorities have yet to release the victim’s identity or provide any details as to how he ended up in such a precarious situation.

Aussie man dies after 'bin surfing'

In Australia last month, a man's body was found "wedged in a clothing bin" in a Westfield shopping centre car park in Tuggarah on the NSW Central Coast. According to reports, police believe the man "was bin surfing, fell and broke his neck" leaving his lifeless body hanging out of a bin.

Left: Large charity clothing bins in car park Right: Man's legs hanging out of charity bin in Bondi shopping centre car park
A man was spotted clambering into the Make a Wish charity bin in Bondi, Sydney to allegedly take items. Source: Facebook

The alarming practice, which has grown in numbers, involves people climbing head-first into charity bins to rummage through donated items they can keep. It comes as the cost of living continues to put pressure on Aussies, many of whom are "living below the poverty line".

Many Aussies have also turned to "dumpster diving" for food as the cost of groceries continues to put strain on hip pockets. Amelia Cromb from the organisation Grassroots Action Network Tasmania said large amounts of food at supermarkets had been needlessly thrown away before the expiry of 'best before dates'.

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