Two boys trapped in Melbourne garbage truck after hiding in skip

Two boys have been dumped in a garbage truck doing the rounds while hiding from shopping centre security in Melbourne.

The 11-year-old and 14-year-old were at Dimboola Road shopping centre in Broadmeadows, in Melbourne’s northwest, when they got into a dumpster while hiding from security about 4am Wednesday morning.

However, shortly after they hid in the bin, a waste collection truck emptied the contents of the bin, including the pair, into the truck and drove off.

According to police, “ironically” the next stop for the garbage truck was Broadmeadows Police Station.

Two young boys got stuck in a rubbish truck, after they hid from shopping centre security. Source: Getty Images

The driver reportedly heard the boys pleading to be let out from the back of the truck and once at the police station, the driver asked for police assistance.

The boys only sustained minor injuries and were assessed by paramedics at the scene. The boys were known to police, however, police have said they are not taking any further action.

In May this year, a homeless man was lucky he wasn’t crushed to death when he was loaded into a garbage truck.

The man had been sleeping in a St Vincent De Paul skip bin and was picked up by a garbage truck at 7.30am.

Fortunately, the driver heard the man’s screams for help. He only sustained minor injuries, but was reportedly in shock.

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