Servo's controversial new pie leaves customers undecided: 'Delicious abomination'

While the pie isn't an entirely new creation, many are still baffled by the filling being served across the ditch in New Zealand.

Aussies don't mess around when it comes to their meat pies, and it seems our neighbours across the Tasman don't either.

While pies are adored in both countries, anything that deviates from the traditional fillings is likely to raise eyebrows. And that was the case when Kiwi servo Z Energy recently rolled out a limited edition spag bol and cheese pie for its customers.

Even though a pie filled with spaghetti bolognese is not a new concept and available at a select number of bakeries, its release on a national scale has certainly ruffled feathers in the pie-loving community, with many undecided on whether the filling is genius or just outright wrong.

An ad for the Spag Bol & Cheese pie in New Zealand. Source: Z
The Spag Bol pie has certainly left customers confused. Source: Z

"That's disgusting... Where do I buy one?" one person joked after an ad for the pie was circulated online.

"Saw the sign myself, found it weird but was also mildly curious," another said, while one person called it a "delicious abomination".

Some said the popularity of mac and cheese pies put the spag bol pie in good stead, while others said they often ate leftover spaghetti bolognese with toast.

Z Energy says customers love the pie

Z’s Retail General Manager Andy Baird told Yahoo News Australia the company is well aware the pie has been divisive, but is happy with the overall response.

“Z is uniquely Kiwi, and we like to reflect that in what we do. Our mission with the Spag Bol pie was to inspire customers with a classic, nostalgic flavour and put that into pie form," he said.

"Since it hit the pie warmer, feedback from our site staff and customers has been overwhelmingly positive. So while the limited edition pie is not for everyone, it’s certainly got some fans. Who knows what we will come up with next.”

Just last week Coles shoppers were divided after it was leaked the supermarket would be releasing hot cross buns with Pizza Shapes flavouring.

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