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American expat lists 'weird' differences about Aussie supermarkets

Kendall Wheeler couldn't help but notice the differences between US and Aussie supermarkets when shopping at Coles.

An American expat has shared a long list of things she finds "weird" about Aussie supermarkets and people are having very mixed reactions to her video.

Kendall Wheeler moved over from the US to live with her partner and shared footage of the couple doing a grocery shop while highlighting all the noteworthy things in Coles.

"What I find weird at the Aussie grocery store as an American," she said in her TikTok.

American expat Kendall Wheeler can be seen on the left. Kendall and her partner can be seen smiling at one another on the beach on the right.
American expat Kendall Wheeler highlighted the differences between US and Aussie supermarkets. Source: TikTok/kendallwheeler11

The 'difficult to drive' shopping cart

Kendall starts by pointing out that Aussies call the shopping cart a different name to her, referring to them as a "trolley" when she calls them a "buggy". She also mentions how she struggles to move through a supermarket while pushing one due to their design.

"All four wheels spin here which makes them kinda hard to drive," she said, yet many online were quick to jump in and share she was "lucky" to find a shopping cart without a jammed wheel.

One word — capsicum

It's no surprise the next notable difference mentioned by the US expat revolves around the word capsicum, who like many internationals find it unusual to call "bell peppers" by the name. "Capsicum is the scientific name of the vegetable. We just use it as the everyday name as well," one proud Aussie wrote.

Green capsicums can be seen on the shelf (left) and a yellow packet of cheese and onion chips can be seen on the right.
Kendall pointed out that Aussies call 'bell peppers' by a different name and also remarked at the 'interesting' chip flavour cheese and onion. Source: TikTok/kendallwheeler11

'Weird' chip flavours available

Next Kendall refers to a large range of different chips flavours which she deemed "weird", calling combinations such as crispy pork belly with apple sauce and "cheese and onion" very "interesting". This is where the TikToker started to receive some heated push back from Aussies who warned she shouldn't make judgements before tasting the chips herself.

"Don't make fun of our chip flavours without trying them!" one wrote online, while another said cheese and onion chips were a "national treasure" in the country.

"Feel lucky you missed Vegemite chocolate," another wrote in response to Kendall laughing that "candy" is instead called lollies in Australia.

American products different in Australia

Lastly Kendal points out that a famously American condiment is recognised as such on the labels here despite being made in Australia.

"I thought this was really funny," she said, picking up a bottle of mustard from the shelf, with a special mention going out to the "bright red" hot dogs available for purchase in the supermarket.

"This is how I feel as an Aussie when I shopped at Walmart in Vegas," one Aussie shared, while others felt "bothered by" the remarks Kendall made in her video.

Left, mustard bottles on the shelf. Right, hot dogs in a packet.
Kendall remarked at the difference in some famously American products, such as mustard and hot dogs. Source: TikTok/kendallwheeler11

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The level of happiness felt by expats who move to Australia was also chart topping, with Iceland second on the list, both for happiness and overall score.

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