Coles confirm new collaboration as hot cross bun rumours divide Aussies: 'Sounds disgusting'

The unique flavour has left some horrified.

Hot cross buns constantly divide Aussies, whether it is their early arrival on Boxing Day or their "innovative" flavours — most have an opinion when it comes to the Easter delicacy.

The latest rumoured collaboration between Coles and Arnott's is no different, with food influencer Nectorious Papi claiming online that the two have teamed up to create two brand-new tasting buns — one sweet and one savoury.

"We are getting a Pizza Shapes Hot Cross Bun," he announced online of the savoury flavour, sending his followers into a tailspin.

Left image of a Coles shop front. Right image of rumoured Coles Pizza Shapes flavoured hot cross buns.
While some are excited about the rumoured creation, others have said it sounds 'disgusting'. Source: Getty/Instagram/@nectoriouspapi

While Coles has not yet confirmed that Pizza Shapes will be one of the flavours released for certain, they have told Yahoo News Australia that the collaboration with Arnott's is more than just hearsay.

"The rumours are true, we have teamed up with the bikkie masters at Arnott’s to develop some exciting creations but you’ll have to wait a little longer to try these fair dinkum Aussie classics," a spokesperson said.

"We love to hear the excitement Aussies have when two iconic brands come together, and we have some rippers in the works for you!"

One flavour to divide them all

The Frankenstein of hot cross buns has caused a clear divide among Australians, with only some sharing their excitement to try them. "Pizza shapes are elite," one person said approvingly. "Take my money," another stated.

Others were far less enthusiastic about the "disgusting" idea. "It's not even April Fool's Day ... I am sick of all these 'trends' (sic). Next there will be dog food flavour hot X buns whoever [is] doing this needs to give it a rest," said one frustrated person. "Sorry but that sounds disgusting," agreed another.

Coles' history of unique hot cross buns

This is not the first flavour of hot cross bun to bring with it a divide. Coles has a long list of unique flavours including the limited-edition red velvet, carrot cake and savoury burger sauce hot cross bun from last year, a jalapeno and cheese-flavoured Easter bun that caused a fuss in 2022, and a Vegemite hot cross bun which some called an "abomination" in 2021.

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