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Kiwi woman 'baffled' by lack of common courtesy on Aussie roads

The former NZ radio host who recently moved here posed a question to Aussie drivers.

A Kiwi woman who recently moved to Australia is "baffled" by something she's noticed driving on our roads.

Landing in Sydney around a month ago, Sophie Nathan told her TikTok audience she is yet to see a driver "do a little flick of their hazard lights" as a thank you when someone lets them into a lane, wondering if it's "not a thing here".

"In New Zealand, if you let someone in, it is courtesy that they do a little flick of their hazard lights, or you do the hand out the window wave. No one does it in Australia," the former NZ radio host said.

Two photos of radio host Sophie Nathan who has moved over from New Zealand to Australia.
NZ radio host Sophie Nathan is puzzled why Aussie drivers don't flick their hazard lights on to thank someone for letting them into a lane. Source: TikTok (TikTok)

Aussies respond to NZ woman's question

The video has since reached more than 42,000 people, with many Australians confirming they don't thank other drivers with the hazard lights — giving the Kiwi an insight into what they do instead.

"Head nod or wave is common," one person said.

"We lift 2 fingers off the steering wheel to say thanks," another said.

"We wave with the left hand, next time look at their rear view mirror. You’ll find the thank you," another said.

One person also shared how they've been "wondering the same thing" as Ms Nathan, saying thanking with your hazards lights in Europe is also common.

"My partner (Aussie) always laughs at me... Bizarre," they said.

And it's not just road habits that have expats ranting. Earlier this month a British woman called out "feral" shopping behaviours exhibited by Aussies at popular supermarkets like Woolworths, Coles and Aldi.

These acts include going barefoot, wearing pyjamas, engaging in public displays of affection, "sampling" food without making a purchase, and carelessly returning items to the wrong shelves.

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