'So awesome': Savvy Woolworths shopper scores $250 worth of meat for just $50

A savvy Woolworths shopper has shared the impressive meat haul he scored from his local store for a fraction of the original price.

The chuffed shopper shared a post to the popular Facebook page, Markdown Addicts Australia, where he revealed he bought $250 worth of meat for $50 – a saving of 80 per cent.

“Finally it was my time. Right place, right time,” he wrote in his Facebook post.

Markdown meat purchased from Woolworths
A savvy Woolworths shopper scored $250 work of meat for only $50. Source: Facebook

The bargain hunter shared several photos of the massive meat haul, which included eight 1kg packs of beef mince for $2.60 each, two boneless chicken drumstick fillet packs for $3.85 each, and chicken portions for $2.82.

Meanwhile the Woolies shopper also took home nine porterhouse steaks for $5 per kg and eight round steaks for $4.20 per kg.

The Melbourne shopper made sure to point out to fellow customers that there was “plenty to go ‘round” but the bargains were being snapped up quick.

Discounted Woolworths chicken portions and eight beef mince packs
The Woolworths meat haul included eight 1kg packs of beef mince and chicken portions for $2.82. Source: Facebook

“No, I didn't take it all, but I'm not ashamed [of] the quantity I took. This will last us for a while,” added the shopper.

'So awesome': Woolworths shoppers applaud meat score

Fellow markdown addicts on Facebook were quick to applaud the man on his impressive meat haul, with many comments claiming the score was “awesome” and “great.”

“Great stuff. Especially the mince and steak,” wrote one shopper.

“That's so awesome. Well done!” wrote a second.

“Congrats and well spotted!” said a third.

Woolworths shopper (motion blurred) exits supermarket with full shopping trolley
Fellow Woolies shoppers were quick to applaud the man on his impressive meat haul. Source: Getty

Another customer lamented that they visited Woolworths earlier the same day and were only able to grab some of the discounted chicken.

“That’s so good! We were there earlier this arvo and managed to grab some of the chicken but there wasn’t any of the mince and steaks. Score!” they wrote.

'Be careful of the chicken' warns fellow shopper

Although most Woolies shoppers were excited about the man’s meat haul, one shopper warned him to beware of the chicken.

“Just be careful with the chicken. Read the back. Most of those pre-made fresh chicken products can’t be frozen,” the concerned man wrote, with reference to the Southern-Style Chicken Portions.

However fellow shoppers were quick to shut down the man’s concerns, claiming that “you can re-freeze anything.”

Woman selects frozen meat packs from supermarket shelves
One Woolworths shopper warned the man to be careful when refreezing the chicken. Source: Getty

“It won't hurt you, all that will happen is it will lose a bit of moisture each time it's thawed,” wrote one man who claimed to have three years’ experience managing supermarket fresh departments.

According to the Australia Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) website, raw chicken should be frozen as soon as you get home before the use-by date.

Raw chicken should be frozen at below -20°C and packaged into meal-sized portions, so you don’t need to refreeze unused portions again.

When it comes to refreezing chicken, the ACMF says people should “follow the same steps as freezing,” but “try to avoid it” if possible.

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