Woolworths rewards: Shopper reveals surprise way she scored 1,000 points

A Woolworths shopper has revealed the surprising way she scored herself 1,000 bonus Everyday Rewards points.

After shopping at her local Woolies store, the woman said she had just started unloading her full trolley at the register when she noticed people behind her with one item each.

She decided to let them in front of her, unaware she would soon be rewarded for her good deed.

“Today I had quite a decent amount of groceries to purchase,” she shared on an Everyday Rewards fan Facebook page.

Shoppers at Woolworths storefront
The Woolworths shopper was granted bonus points for her act of goodwill. Source: Getty Images

“I allowed two gentlemen to pop through with one item each before I started unloading the trolley full.”

It wasn’t until she returned home that she realised the Woolies checkout operator had passed the goodwill on to her and gifted her bonus rewards points.

“I found out later this afternoon I had been gifted 1,000 points as a gesture of goodwill. I’m very happy and thanks to the lovely fella serving me this morning,” she continued.

How do Everyday Rewards work?

According to the Everyday Rewards website, customers can choose between $10 off a future shop or convert points to 1,000 Qantas Points each time they gain 2,000 Everyday Rewards points.

Customers receive one point for every dollar spent in store, with bonus points also available.

Hand holding smartphone with Woolworths Rewards app on screen
Woolies staff members are able to provide bonus points to customers from at their own discretion. Source: Woolworths

It's happened before

Sharing her post, the shopper realised she wasn’t alone, with other Woolies customers revealing they’d also received extra points after showing similar acts of kindness.

“That's happened to me before. Well done to you on being an amazing human being,” one person commented.

“I did this but the three people I let go in front of me gave me their points to say thank you. Damn was I happy with my rewards I had. I got well over 5,000 points,” added another.

“​​How lovely!! Onya Woolies for acknowledging kindness and courtesy,” added a third.

Meanwhile, some shoppers had "no idea" Woolworths staff were able to offer up bonus points, but others confirmed staff had the option to do so.

“Staff have a barcode to access special functions on registers,” one person wrote, with another adding “any staff member can do it. It's an extra on-screen option.”

According to Woolworths, staff members are able to provide bonus points to customers from time to time. Eligibility is based on the discretion of the store teams.

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