Roadside sign in NSW town leaves residents bemused: 'So confused'

Road signs and message boards are put in place to alert drivers passing by, but one near Gerringong, south of Sydney, left residents bemused.

"I have more questions than answers," one man wrote on Facebook posting photos of the message board in question, and it seems dozens more shared the same thought.

Because of a glitch, the Variable Message Signs (VMS) shows only part of the intended message, leaving drivers wondering what it was supposed to say.

"Winter is coming again," the first part of the message read, before flicking to another screen that said: "Remember keep items."

A road sign displayed in Gerringong, NSW
The message displayed on a road sign in Gerringong, NSW, confused drivers as it only displayed part of the intended message. Source: Facebook

Locals in the area concluded there was an error on the board with one suggesting: "I’ve been assuming it’s missing a third screen."

Dozens took the opportunity to create their own message board warning, taking guesses as to what it could have said.

"I thought I just had to keep things, so that’s what I’ve been doing," one mocked.

"Don’t throw your jacket away just yet….winter is coming AGAIN!!" another joked.

Another Facebook user said "the sequel comes soon," while others made reference to the cult TV show Game of Thrones from which the line "winter is coming" was made famous.

Messaging mystery solved

Yahoo News Australia can confirm the sign was put on the road by the Rural Fire Service (RFS) who said there was an error which they've since fixed. They also revealed their intended message, which is related to winter safety.

"The sign is one of four within the NSW RFS District, used to convey information and warnings when required," a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"We were alerted to the glitch in the system that runs the sign messaging and it was promptly updated."

The messaging pictured was in regards to winter safety, and the rest of the message should have read: "A metre from the heater."

But a new message now reads on the board instead.

"Only working smoke alarms can save lives," it says.

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