Photos show insane predicament after driver's terrible mistake: 'This is nuts'

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A Ford SUV became submerged in the harbour of a popular tourist spot after a pair of thrill-seekers took the car for a joy ride on the sand.

The driver made the trip to Bar Harbor in the US state of Maine on Saturday during low tide when a stretch of sand appears.

But a few doughnuts in, the car got stuck and unfortunately couldn't be freed in time before the water began to rise.

car submerged in water in Maine, USA
The driver of the car was doing doughnuts on the sand during low tide when the vehicle got stuck and submerged in water as the tide rose. Source: Facebook/Kip Wing / Aerial Aesthetic

It's believed the occupants escaped the vehicle before 6pm, the time at which high tide occurs. The vehicle, however, wasn't so lucky and got swallowed up by the water, where it remained for almost three days.

Local newspaper Mount Dessert Islander shared images of the unusual scene on Facebook which has captured the attention of locals and holidaymakers familiar with the area.

Drone photographer Kip Wing from Aerial Aesthetics snapped images of the Bronco early Sunday morning before the first rescue attempt was made by local towing company Island Towing.

The company owner, Les Foss, said it was far from an easy job. They broke two tow straps trying to pull it from the mud, he told The Drive.

car being towed on beach by two trucks
A local towing company attempted to rescue the car during low tide by pulling it out of the sand, but it wasn't moving. Source: Facebook/Kip Wing / Aerial Aesthetic

Unable to free the car, rescuers were forced to leave it for a second night in a row as they scrambled to come up with plan B at a later low tide.

Later on Monday, another photo was shared showing the Ford Bronco attached to several blow-up floating bags – a tactic to move it to a new location for easier towing.

A video shared by Mr Foss on his Facebook page on Tuesday revealed the Bronco had finally been removed from the water. Although it wasn't confirmed how they finally managed to get the job done.

Social media reacts to rescue mission: 'That is nuts!'

The three-day ordeal had many invested in the outcome with hundreds of people asking for updates online.

The unfortunate incident left people divided with some finding the situation hilarious. Others, however, were less than impressed.

"They probably realised they should have bought a jeep," one person quipped.

"You don’t have to be smart to be rich," said another, noting the car's price which starts from around $44,000 (US$32,395) for a 2022 model.

Others slammed the "selfish" act and called out the driver and company for wasting the town's resources.

"The absolute selfishness of the owners of this vehicle boils my blood," one said.

"What a tool for doing donuts. They deserve what they have coming," fumed another.

Meanwhile, others pointed out the exuberant costs associated with the recovery of the vehicle, not to mention the potential fines coming their way.

Car floating in water with airbags attached
A diver attached floating devices to the car to lift it from the sand before another attempt was made to drag it from the water. Source: Facebook/Mount Desert Islander

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