Residents praise 'local legend's' solution to confusing parking rule resulting in $150 fines

With the council sign deemed inadequate, the woman created her own sign to prevent people from being fined.

No parking sign written on cardboard attached to wheelie been places on Queensland street.
A Queensland resident took matters into her own hands and created a makeshift 'no parking' sign on a wheelie bin to warn drivers that fines apply for parking on her street. Source: Facebook

Residents in a picturesque beachside town have a hero among them, with the 'local legend' being praised for their innovative approach to a frustrating parking issue that has seen many people fined.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, a local woman explained several streets surrounding the Redcliffe Showground, in Queensland's Moreton Bay region, have had temporary parking restrictions put in place by the council due to overcrowding when events are being held. However inadequate signage means visitors to the area are unaware and snap up a spot where parking is not allowed.

The issue reared its head again last week during the annual Redcliffe Show which attracts thousands of people from the surrounding areas each year. But to avoid any confusion, a resident, who lives on a nearby street, erected her own sign warning people that parking on her street during the event is prohibited and will attract fines.

Scrawled on a piece of cardboard attached to a wheelie bin, the message reads: "No Parking this side of the street, you will be fined. See no parking signs on power poles".

Large orange traffic cones were also placed in the bays where parking is usually allowed but isn't during event times, to deter people from doing the wrong thing.

Her creative approach has been praised by neighbours, with one named Charleene calling her a "local legend". While it's true the posts have temporary "no standing" signs courtesy of the Moreton Bay Regional Council, Charleene says they're "not easily seen from 100 metres away".

"It's confusing…it's painful…and it's a nuisance," she added.

Left: Map showing parking restrictions around Redcliffe Showgrounds, Queensland. Right: resident's makeshift no parking sign attached to wheelie bin.
Crosses on the map (left) indicate where Charleene said the parking signs were, with one on a power pole, 100 metres away, hard to spot from the no parking area (right). Source: Supplied

Speaking to Yahoo News, she said, "I do believe parking restrictions are warranted during an event. But they are confusing. The sign I passed was on the entry to the street at the corner, which wasn't a safe spot to stop and read it whilst driving.

"It did make me aware that restrictions were in place, just not the details. The bins, the cones, and the signage this person set up made it clear for anyone passing by."

She explained "multiple large signs" were put up by council at surrounding intersections, but few were close enough to this particular street. "The regular parking signs had been removed on that side of the street and a really faded 'No Standing' was nailed temporarily on a telegraph post," she said.

To add to the confusion, there are painted car spaces on the street which map out where parking is normally allowed. But not during restricted parking times. "The streets are too narrow to cope with the added event traffic if cars are parked on both sides, [that's why the restrictions are in place]," Charleene added.

After an image of the parking warning was posted online, comments from locals flooded in with many agreeing the restrictions are confusing. "We had the same in our street. I tried to tell as many people as I could not to park. Unfortunately some did get ticketed," one said.

"However, I did see a parking inspector chase down someone who had just parked. They showed them the sign and the person got back in their car and moved on. Good on the inspector! Saved someone $150."

"I often see non-locals parking where the road is marked with parking bays thinking they are lucky to get a spot," another added, saying they usually warn them. "Most are very appreciative as they hadn't seen the small 'No Standing' signs at the end of the street."

Others praised the local woman for "looking out for each other". "Good on this person! THIS is what community is about," they said.

Moreton Bay Regional Council did not respond to Yahoo News Australia's request for comment.

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