Drivers fume over 'entitled' street parking act in busy Aussie suburb

It seems some Aussies have had enough of hunting for a parking spot outside their own home in busy suburban areas.

Houses on a residential street in Leichhardt with five, different sized, orange traffic cones on the side of the street.
Drivers called out a resident for allegedly reserving limited street parking with orange traffic cones in Leichhardt, located in Sydney's inner west. Source: Facebook

Street parking is becoming so hard to find in built-up Aussie suburbs that one resident appears to have taken steps to ensure they get a spot outside their home. The move has infuriated neighbours also competing for a parking space in the busy street.

A resident in Leichhardt in Sydney's inner west has allegedly been reserving street parking near their home for "months" now, using orange traffic cones to cordon off enough space for at least two cars. "A resident has been using witches' hats to reserve parking," one frustrated man wrote on social media.

"It's been ongoing for months and doesn't look renovation-related."

The road in question allegedly has no hourly restrictions, meaning locals are teased with the possibility of free parking as long as they can beat their neighbours to nabbing a spot. "[There's] not enough parking spots," the man wrote.

After highlighting the issue online, drivers shared their opinion on the tactic, with many opposing it and suggesting the neighbour simply move the traffic cones out the way.

"Remove them when they aren't there, someone will park there," one person commented, while another said they too had experienced something similar in a neighbouring suburb, with others calling it "outrageous" and "rude".

A local who lives in the area shared they too had seen the cones and it had annoyed them. "I've noticed that for months and wondered why people have been so observant of them. I guess if you're self-entitled and can get away with it..." the woman said.

Yet another was in favour of the move, saying everyone else was simply grumpy and residents should be able to "reserve a space outside their house".

The Inner West Council confirmed that reserving street parking like this is not allowed, and residents are not permitted to leave belongings, such as a traffic cone, in public areas.

"Unfortunately, this type of thing does happen in our local government area," a spokesperson said. "Penalties for this type of offence range from $330 to $660."

Belongings can not obstruct public use of amenities and cannot be left unattended, which in this case the orange cones are. "The council encourages anyone currently seeing this type of activity to report it to us for investigation,' the spokesperson said.

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