Woman's 'fake' parking ticket move on cars divides Aussies

Karina intended to give dozens of drivers a pleasant surprise with the fake infringement notices.

Karina tucking a 'fake fine' into the windscreen of a parked car in Melbourne (left) and a driver looking at the fine after finding it on his car (right).
Melbourne woman Karina put dozens of 'fake fines' on parked cars in the city's southeast last month. Source: TikTok

Finding a parking ticket waving in the wind on your windscreen will often put a dampener on your day — and last month dozens of drivers were dismayed to see the slip of paper when returning to their cars, yet all was not as it appeared.

Melbourne woman Karina decided to put handmade "fake fines" onto cars across the southeast of the city in a bid to promote her photography business Kamalia Studio, intending to give drivers a pleasant surprise when they realised they actually hadn't been charged by a parking officer.

"I decided to do it to make people's day by spreading a little kindness. It was a reminder that life is too short," Karina told Yahoo News. "They're going to think it's a fine but little do they know that it's actually some money towards a print for our store."

In footage shared on social media Karina can be seen running around putting the parking fines on windscreens as well as on public phones and against lamp posts.

Karina looks away from the camera while speaking (left) and one of the fake infringement notices on a parked car (right).
Karina intended to give drivers a pleasant surprise with the 'fake fines' by offering a discount for her art products. Source: TikTok

The note headed "INFRINGEMENT" read, "Notice to owners: We saw you pull into this car park and I wanted to tell you that you look absolutely beautiful today, your smile could light up a whole room... Just to make your day a little more special than you already are, I want to give you $30 towards my beach prints from my travels."

Many praised Karina's "hustle" mentality towards her business, saying they "love this idea" and thought it was "cute". However, others admitted they would have a "panic attack" if they found a parking fine on their car, with another saying "I thought this was wholesome until I realised ya'll are just trying to sell stuff."

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