Queensland family's coffee machine becomes unlikely home for ‘adorable’ visitor

Nadine Carroll
·3-min read

A woman from Queensland has turned to social media to solve an “adorable” problem with her coffee machine, after an unlikely visitor decided to call it home.

“We have a green tree frog living in our coffee maker,” Lesley Ireland posted along with a video showing the little tree frog hanging out on top of the water container before squeezing through one of the holes.

Ms Ireland first posted a video on social media of the frog in September and after multiple attempts to find a more suitable home for the green houseguest, the frog returns night after night and has been happily living in the coffee machine for about three months.

A green tree frog sitting on top of a coffee machine before squeezing into the holes .
A green tree frog has decided to make its home in a coffee machine. Source: Lesley Ireland via Storyful

‘Every morning he’s back’

“We have relocated him multiple times into the bromeliads outside and every morning he’s back! We’ve tried to coax him into a ‘frog hotel’ which is located alongside the coffee maker, but he’s not interested!” Ms Ireland explained.

Ms Ireland assured concerned Facebook members that her family have given in to the fact that the coffee machine now belongs to the frog and they no longer use it: “Please note, frog is safe, we no longer use the coffee maker”.

And although the family has grown fond of the tree frog, they are concerned it might grow out of its makeshift home soon.

“He obviously feels safe and it doesn’t help that hubby now feeds him crickets... Any ideas to relocate him because he’s getting too big and is struggling to get in and out of the holes?” she asked the Australian Native Animals Facebook group.

‘So adorable!’

Members of the group tried to help but the majority of them were just enchanted by the little green tree frog.

“So adorable!” one person responded.

“Just one kiss may be all that is needed to liberate a handsome Prince or Princess,” a user joked.

“I have the exact same coffee machine. Where can I purchase a frog to keep in mine? It’s his coffee maker now,” another person wrote.

Reptile and amphibian enthusiast Colin Shoemark told Yahoo News Australia although he has never seen a tree frog in a coffee machine before, he’s not surprised the frog has decided to stay in the coffee machine.

“Green tree frogs have adapted well to urbanisation, although this situation isn’t uncommon it’s a secure, dark and cool environment for the frog,” Mr Shoemark said.

And as for the frog moving out any time soon? Mr Shoemark said it’s not likely.

“Once they have a good spot, they love it... at night they come out to eat and then head back during the day for refuge,” he said.

Ms Ireland later updated the post saying her husband was going to make the holes in the coffee machine/frog home bigger so he can continue to stay as long as he wants.

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