University student's alarming find on top of coffee machine

A Brisbane university student has returned to his room to find he had an uninvited visitor – a huge python invading his space.

Unsure of how to handle his new flatmate, the student decided to stay at a friend’s house overnight, hoping the snake would make its own way out.

When he returned in the morning he found the snake had settled in, perched on the top of his microwave and coffee machine.

Brisbane snake catcher Stewy Lalor was called to remove the unwanted house guest and got a kick out of the 1.8-metre long reptile’s obvious hiding spot.

The snake catcher told Yahoo News Australia that spring was breeding season for coastal carpet pythons and it could result in some unusual behaviour from the usually shy snakes.

“Around this time of year male snakes tend to lose common sense,” Mr Lalor said, explaining the snake’s bold choice of spot to relax.

The coastal carpet python was curled up on a coffee machine on a microwave in a Brisbane uni students room.
The coastal carpet python had made itself at home on top of the student's coffee maker. Source: Facebook/Brisbane Snake Catchers

“Female snakes release pheromones and it brings the boys to the yard, as they say,” Mr Lalor said.

The student was “in shock” when he discovered the python and wasn’t sure if it was dangerous. Mr Lalor confirmed that although the breed isn’t venomous, they can bite.

Before releasing the python back into the wild, the snake catcher took a few photos to prove that sometimes snakes, just like humans, need a little coffee to perk up.

“Give him a job at Starbucks,” one person commented on the post.

“Waiting to have his breakfassst made,” another person suggested.

Most people couldn’t blame the python for his love of caffeine.

“We all need a coffee to kickstart our morning,” a person said.

Mr Lalor took the frisky male to a cosy spot in nearby bushland and he slithered away, probably on his way to ‘track down a female’.

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