The popular snow sport banned at Thredbo and Perisher this season

A popular winter pastime has been banned from some NSW ski resorts a week before the snow season starts.

Thredbo said on its website tobogganing would be prohibited to “maximise safety for guests, employees and resort property”.

“Thredbo prohibits the use of toboggans and other miscellaneous snow sliding equipment that is associated with ‘snow play’ within our leasehold area,” the resort says on its website.

“Thredbo acknowledges it is a favourite winter pastime, however it can also be very dangerous.”

Thredbo says tobogganing is a dangerous activity. Source: Thredbo website

The resort said guests taking toboggans or other miscellaneous snow sliding equipment onto ski runs increased the risk of a collision with another sled, vehicle, skier or snowboarder.

There were also dangers of a person losing of control of the equipment, falling off the equipment, and colliding with natural and man-made objects.

“The prohibition includes any area under the ownership or control of Thredbo,” the website says.

“This policy applies to all members of the public, staff, sublessees and volunteers.

“No enquiries will be entertained from toboggan or miscellaneous snow sliding equipment users.”

Perisher ski resort has also banned toboggans on all of its ski slopes.

“Tobogganing is dangerous and involves inherent risks,” it says on its website.

A boy goes tobogganing at Thredbo to celebrate the start of the snow season in 2015. Source: AAP/Magnum PR

Falls Creek resort in Victoria told Yahoo7 people could still go tobogganing on either their beginner slope or advanced slope.

“There is no intention for Falls Creek to ban it at this stage,” a spokesman said.

Mount Hotham, also in Victoria, said it was still promoting its snow play and tobogganing area.

“It’s definitely not banned and we encourage people to build a snowman or go tobogganing,” a spokeswoman told Yahoo7.

Tobogganing is also still allowed at the Selwyn Snow Resort, in NSW, and at Corin Forest, in the ACT.

Yahoo7 has contacted Thredbo and Perisher for comment.